What was wrong with Scootch?

Why did we do so badly in the Eurovision song contest? Hunter has been listening to our entry, Flying The Flag by Scootch, and dosen't think it's was bad at all. It's catchy, camp and fun! What do you think was so wrong with it?


David Allen said...

Nothin _ but I liked the Serbian dyke too _ she was fab!

Anonymous said...

Mainland Europe hates the UK that why!

Alan's Blogs said...

I liked our entry and felt it deserved slightly more than it actually got.

I mean, some of the crap that was played leaves a lot to be desired, oh for the days of ABBA, Dana, the Brotherhood of Man and the German one who sang about peace and probably gave American tv producers the idea of Ugly Betty!!

And then we had Bucks Fizz, Johnny Logan, etc.

Perhaps if the BBC and others decided that everyone should pay the same, the voting might be slightly different. Sadly, same old story, take the money and run - a bit like Haringey Lib Dems on member allowances!!

Gordon's & Tonic said...

Haringey tories would know about nul points, wouldn't they JH? ;-)

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I think I know who you are, G&T. Sad git!

Anonymous said...

I think that they should bring this sad competition to an end. It's just become a Balkans celebration night out. Of course the rest of Europe hates us. There was hardly a single vote for any Western European country in the first part of the voting.
The worst part of this kind of music is pop music that sounds 30 years out of date mixed in with traditional East European folk music. Ghastly!! Thank God for Wogan. He only says what we are all thinking.
But then if we are hated so much why do so many Eastern Europeans trek through so many other countries at great risk to their lives just to get to us.
I hope PrimeMinister Brown (Scottish by the way) closes that back door that Blair stupidly left open.