Ten years of Blair today - his real legacies

Not reforming our ailing public services, despite large parliamentary majorities and three mandates from the British electorate, is his number one 'claim to fame'. Even now he admits that he wished he had gone further and faster at reforming, especially in education and heath. He used to say that the Conservatives starved schools and hospitals of cash and all they needed was a few more pounds and everything would be hunkey doorey. How wrong he was! Mrs. Thatcher spent eleven years in Downing Street, and like or loathe her, made changes; when she was elected in 1979, Britain was seen as the "Sick Man of Europe". That was not the case when we left office in 1997. We handed Blair and Brown a fantastic economy, our pensions system was recognised as one of the best in the western world, schools and hospitals had real powers and freedoms and we were respected on the international stage.

The Iraq war and the bogus 45 minute claim. He lied to Parliament and to the British people. "Regime change" was not the reason for going into war, as he now claims. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis have lost their lives, as have thousands of coalition troops. Our boys were ill-equipped and the country is now at civil war. Blair has blood on his hands - he should be impeached, tried and punished.

Democracy and the Constitution. Selling peerages and rewarding his Labour cronies, signing up to the EU Constitution without a referendum, introducing compulsory postal voting (which is open to widespread fraud and abuse), and by-passing his own Cabinet and Parliament when taking and announcing important decisions.

In 1997, people had high hopes of this Messiah, sorry, Leader. He let us down and let us down badly. The history books, quite rightly, will not be kind to him. If there is a Hell, he almost certainly has a reserved space waiting for him.


David Allen said...

An excellent tour d'horizon of Blair Land. Can the man really be thinking of retiring to W2? If I were him, I'd be wanting to leave the country and hole up somewhere small and remote far from the mess I had created. And if I were his successor, I'd make sure that, when cuts needed to be made, the first would be to Blair's security detail: why should that man be immune to all the chaos and criminality that he has engendered?

Anonymous said...

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