Save the Pope!

News reaches Hunter that the Lib Dems are about to effectively de-select Geoff Pope, one of their members on the London Assembly. This, in Hunter's view, is a big mistake.

Geoff really knows his field (transport), is hard-working and has name recognition outside of City Hall. He also helped Hunter with a local transport matter when members of his own party ran for cover and hid. Don't know what he has done, if anything, to upset so many London Lib Dems. If you're a Lib Dem member reading this blog, please ensure Geoff gets your first preference vote. He'd be a tremendous loss to the Assembly and to London in general.


Anonymous said...

Too late. Voting closed yesterday.

Norfolk Blogger said...

You misunderstand de-selection with placing on a list. The Lib Dem assembly candidates go on to a list and the place you are on the list depends on how effectively you have campaigned for votes and how many votes you receive.

Ian Paisley said...

No popery!

Anonymous said...

At the last LibDem GLA selection the top 5 were:

1. Lynne Featherstone
2. Graham Tope
3. Sally Hamwee
4. Mike Tuffrey
5. Dee Doocey

Runners up were:
6. Geoff Pope
7. Duncan Borrowman
8. Monroe Palmer
9. Meral Ece
10. Steven Gauge
11. Chris Noyce

Although if you look at the counting process Duncan Borrowman and Monroe Palmer both beat Geoff Pope on first preferences - indeed the ordering of Pope and Borrowman is quite confusing!

When Lynne Featherstone stood down to be an MP, Pope cam on to the GLA.

Hamwee and Tope are retiring, so it was all thrown open as they both cone from high LibDem membership areas - Richmond and Sutton.

Money is on Doocey topping the poll. Tuffrey should survive. Caroline Pidgeon from Southawrk must be up there. Others in alphabetical order who could be in the running for a top 5 place are:
Ajmal Masroor, Duncan Borrowman, Jeremy Ambache, Meral Ece, Nasser Butt, Stephen Knight.

But Pope is gone..

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, NB, it is you who misunderstands the process. If he's not placed between 1-4, he's effectively been de-selected.

I noticed that you could be bothered to note that I was saying something nice about a Lib Dem, having previously called me biased etc...

Can't win, can I?

Anonymous said...

“I’m interesting, honest!” Pope can bore a man at twenty paces and kill him in ten. His dullness is mixed with a lethal ability to drone on and on about fairly inconsequential things. He has woefully unperformed as the Lib Dem transport spokesman, and his term as chair of the Transport committee has passed by without anyone noticing. 3/10

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

God, and people think we're the nasty party...

Matt said...

It does make it "interesting", because of PR that there isn't the sort of automatic reselection process that there is for parliamentary seats.

That's democracy for you I guess!