Poor show, David

For the second week running, Hunter has been disappointed with David Cameron's performance at PMQs. His questions were obscure and weak. And they give Blair the opportunity to hit back, talk up his record and attack us. Hunter blames the useless kids at CCHQ - devoid of any real life experiences and political campaigning skills on the ground. Ignore them, David. Be yourself! Had Hunter been giving David advice, bin collections, or lack or them, would have been one to go for (especially on the eve of polling day for the council elections!).

Blair was brilliant - a real master of the black arts. Ming Campbell doesn't even warrant a comment. But one MP stood out - dear Richard Younger-Ross (Lib Dem). He made a real fool of himself - just where do the Lib Dems find these people?


Norfolk Blogger said...

The proble is that Tory Councils pioneered the fortnightly collection of rubbish. Tory controlled Broadland, for example, introduced the system more than three years ago. it would ahve been an open goal for Blair to list all the tory councils that have fortnightly bin collections.

David Allen said...

Ah! "Some have friends that wound them" _ not all Tory councils can be perfect! ;-)