More Lib Dem hyprocrisy?

The Head Teacher and his governors at Fortismere School want to opt-out of local authority - i.e. Haringey - control. Hunter fully understands and supports them. Lynne Featherstone and her Dim Leb colleagues are, behind all their silly calls for 'proper' consultations, opposed to the move, but one of the school's governors is Cllr. Matt Davies (Lib Dem, Fortis Green). Does he support the Head and co-governors or does he support his party's statist line? Either way, he should tell us - and resign from either the Lib Dems or the Governing Council.


David Allen said...

If Matt is a governor, it would certainly be interesting to hear his views on this. But I suspect that it is unfair to accuse the LibDems of being the leaders of the campaign against Foundation status. Far more likely that they are just waiting on the sidelines to see which way the wind is blowing. Unfortunately, thanks to the the efforts of 'Keep Fortismere Comprehensive' a pressure group of Guardianista parents (led by a Guardian journalist, I believe!) and backed by endless KFC puff pieces in the local media, the new head Mr Onac, and his governor team are being harried relentlessly in an effort to stop them doing what is right for the school: opting out of the dead hand of Haringey control.

Matt said...

Hypocrisy accusations, resignation demands, it's all got exciting over at Justin's!

I've just posted a lengthy-ish entry on my blog about all this, as a resident asked me to. But in short:

To clarify my position as a governor, I am a "local authority" representative - so in effect am nominated by the local Lib Dems. The local Labour party nominates three governors at Fortismere.

But on the governing body, I act independently in the best interests of the school, as all governors should - not on behalf of the Lib Dems or the council. And, as seemed appropriate, I have not been part of any "political" discussions about foundation status.

It is important to note that no decision has been taken by the governors about foundation status - not even an indicative vote. The only votes have been about whether to explore the issue and whether to put it to consultation.

Along with most governors, I have made no decision on whether Fortismere should become a foundation school or not - although there are two governors who are members of the Keep Fortismere Comprehensive group, who seem to believe that foundation status is about making a school selective.

But I will be waiting to see the different views that come in via the consultation before making my decision either way - as a governor, not as a politician.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...


I am not sure if you are fence-sitting or you genuinely haven't made your mind up on this issue. Either way, it places you in a difficult situation. The Head supports Foundation status and by re-opening the issue, I'm guessing that the majority of governors are open to the idea if not very supportive of it.

The Lib Dems, being a left-wing statist party, oppose the move.

As you say, you're the Lib Dems' nominee on the school's executive -if governors, other than parents and teachers, were truly independent of party whips, you wouldn't have such appointments, would you?

I hope that you will side with the Head on this occasion - I am more than happy to give you reasons for doing so if you so wish. But, that said, you're not really going to take a Tory's view into consideration, are you?