Lib Dem snouts in Labour trough

After complaining bitterly and voting against Labour's massive councillors' pay hike, Hunter can reveal that every single Liberal Democrat councillor in Haringey has claimed the extra cash. Yet another example of Haringey Fib Dems saying one thing in public, and doing another in private...


David Allen said...

Goodness, H, I can barely keep up with this blizzard of posts! I see you have had a pop at just about everyone this week. I love the picture of the piggies _ they're so cute. If I had found that I would have been tempted to run it for its own sake.
On the story itself, I don't see why councillors, like MPs have the right to set their own pay. Surely there should be some kind of national 'cap' on these payments _ perhaps 'bands' could be set, so that councillors got paid according to an overall, independent rating of the council (# stars?).

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, are you saying they had to apply for it ? I know when I was a councillor that allowances were not negotiable. I couldn't stipulate how much of my allowance I wanted to receive as I was owed it legally by the council. indeed, i was taxed on the basis of what my allowance was.

I think this is an absolute non story.

if a councillor is given an extra £1000, should he try to return it to the council, he will actually have to have paid tax on the extra £1000 and it would also affect your other tax allowances.

Come on Justin, this is just being petty political rather than party political.

Norfolk Blogger said...

David, if you want an example of duplicity, what about Roy run broadland who appointed an independent panel to advise what allowances should be. When the panel came back, the Topries thought it wasn't enough so doubled what the panel thought.

Or what about Breckland council who seem to set themsevles an increase every other year.

When it comes to councils writing them selves fat cheques, Tory councils are some of the worst.

David said...

Nich, if Tory councillors have been hiking their allowances unreasonably, then of course, that can't be supported either. All the nore reason for independent, external oversight of these things. Set the level for the number of 'stars' the council gets, then adjust accordingly according to rpi or rises/ falls in the council's rating... Like I suggested, I think animal-lover Justin found the pic then looked for a story to fit!