Lammy - patronising, wrong and panicked

Hunter has seen an article in this month's New Nation newspaper in which Tottenham hapless MP David Lammy is calling for Labour to adopt black-only shortlists for Westminster elections.

How patronising! How wrong!

No-one should expect to succeed in life based upon their skin colour - or creed, religion, gender, sexuality for that matter.

The ONLY thing that should count is ability to do a job well.

Hunter has already been in touch with various reporters to tell them that, not only is the idea wrong in principle but that it is proof that Labour is now panicking: after the next general election, there will be more BME MPs from the Conservative benches than Labour. And all of OURS will have been selected on merit alone!

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TottenhamLad said...

Only 26 years old?

Any views on the muggings that took place all over Tottenham in the early 1970s, or are you too young?