Labour's AGM - the night of the long knives

Tonight is the Annual General Meeting of the Haringey Labour Group. Hunter's spies tell him that it will end in acrimony. The local Labour Party is split into two camps: those who are behind Council Leader George Meehan and those who wish to overthrow him for, well, anyone but George. As usual, Cllr. Peacock has been meddling, plotting and backstabbing. Hunter thinks Meehan is long past his sell-by-date but the alternatives are equally as dire. Their AGM won't end until late this evening -Hunter will dissect the new Executive in the morning.

At The Lib Dems' AGM, held last week, Neil "Humourless" Williams fought off a challenge from Cllr. Wayne Hoban. New, and younger, councillors were brought in and Saddo Aitken was dumped after his miserable performance in the Scottish elections --taking a huge pay cut in the process!

Local Conservatives will be having their AGM in Green Lanes in June. Hunter hopes to be re-elected Chairman (Hunter is both popular and hard working locally), although a challenge is always welcome. New faces will ensure that the 2007/08 Team will be stronger than ever - whoever wins.


Anonymous said...

We're still waiting for the inside skinny, Hinchcliffe! having promised so much, it had better be juicy!

Susanne said...

Your blog makes me laugh. Neil "Humourless" Williams - you really have him down to a T, couldn't have described him better myself