It's time to pull the plug on Russia and treat the country for what it is: a dictatorship

Controversial I know, but Gordon Broon's first act should be to pull the financial plug on Russia. So, too, should our European and American allies. Now, where to start to support this call?

The imprisonment and murder of opposition activists and politicians?

The restrictions on the media?

The killing of thousands of innocent Chechens?

Meddling in elections of sovereign countries (e.g. Ukraine)?

Holding neighbouring countries to ransom over gas supplies?

Poisoning British citizens via the SSB?

Supporting brutal dictatorships around the globe?

Banning peaceful protests?

Allowing fascists a 'right to roam' which is detrimental to minority groups?

The list is endless. Putin is a dictator and Russia is rapidly slipping into a dictatorship. He is supposed to step down in the Spring of next year - can't see him doing that, can you? Russia, like North Korea, should be internationally isolated. Let's start by cancelling Britain's annual aid budget - it's about time we adopted some ethical foreign policies (remember them?). Or will Gord turn out to be another Chamberlain?


David Allen said...

Things in Russia do look to be getting pretty scary _ but the man on the street in Moscow apparently likes Putin and his strongman routine..... I agree thta the litmus test will be whetehr he really does step down in the presidential elections next year, as dictated by the constitution. I'm sure thta a little constitutional amendment isn't beyond him: look at how he abolished direct elections for regional governors and assumed to the presidency the power to appoint these himself...
(p.s. don't go accepting any invitations to tea from burly Russian gentlemen _ and expect a DNS attack on this site!)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Israel's far worse than Russia. (ironic comment)