Hunter's appointment at 2pm - goodbye George

Very sad to report that, at 2pm today, Hunter, along with James, will be going to say "Goodbye" to George, our pet guinea pig. George, only two, was taken to a vet in Crouch End on Friday afternoon, as he wasn't eating anything - following a small operation under local anaesthetic to clip his teeth, which were overgrown. Despite the vet's best efforts, he hasn't recovered. He still isn't eating anything, has lost weight, not passed any stalls or urine for two days and is now having problems with his respiratory system.

He's a very cute and friendly little boy and we shall miss him enormously. Rest in peace, my little sweetheart.


David Allen said...

Sorry to hear this news. George is a very cute little pig! It's a shame that their natural lifespan is so short _ c. 3 years?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Thanks, david. Actually, they live up to the age of eight, so George is very young.

Tom Mason said...

Awww, I'm really sorry to hear this mate. George was a lovely little guy.