Hunter 1, Lib Dems 0

There isn't much to say about the results, other than we did brilliantly, Labour did badly and the Fib Dums' performance was disastrous. For them, though, they seem relaxed about their 250 losses, so that should be good enough for us.

Hunter spent the last couple on months helping in a ward called Takeley and the Canfields in Uttlesford, Essex. It is the village where Dr. James grew up and where the in-laws still live today. Always considered safe, the Lib Dems snatched a seat from us at the last election. Incidentally, the Liberal victor was a retired local headmaster at Takeley Primary School for 22 years and taught James and his siblings (he banned sports day because he didn't want anyone to lose!)

We canvassed, delivered and ran a fantastic operation on polling day. Hunter spent the day cycling, overtaking tractors and knocking up on pig farms and mansions with huge drives. Met Sir Alan Haselhurst, the local MP and a Deputy Commons Speaker, who is a splendid chap.

The result:

Jackie Cheetham, Conservatives 766 (elected)

Richard Harris, Liberal Democrat 372

Derek Jones, Conservatives 647 (elected)

Paul Westlake, Liberal Democrat 222

We knew we would get Jackie in, a wonderful and energetic woman who is a friend of the family, but we thought it might be 'touch and go' for Derek. In the end, of course, he won comfortably. We gained 12 seats in Uttlesford (Takeley recording the biggest Liberal-to-Conservative swing!) and took control of Uttlesford District Council.

Just been looking at various Lib Dem blogs and websites - they'd certainly give "Chemical Ali" a run for his money... (see the bizarre spin Lynne Featherstone's puts on the results, if you fancy a laugh! The Postage Queen of SW1A 0AA has been taking masterclasses from Dr Pangloss)


Newmania said...

Well done Justin, you are a prodigious worker no doubt about it. Confusion to the whorish Liberal Frachise ( It isn`t a Party )

David Allen said...

Glad I was able to help out in Takely too! Nice to be on a winning team ;-)
Newmania has a lovely blue map of Britain on his site today. Check it out.