Hit by a giant mungbean, Hunter's little eco-warrior is still alive (just!)

Remember this story?

Although she has not blogged since February, Hunter is now in a position to update you on little Emma's whereabouts. Seems she's been casting for the role of "Ugly Betty", getting pissed and, just as she thought things couldn't get any worse, was hit by a giant mung bean which had been circulating around the orbit.

Get well soon, my favourite little eco-warrior.


Anonymous said...


Newmania said...

You meany Justin she isn`t all that bad looking. Well bag her up and I`d do her , if thats any guide

Emma Jones said...

Hi Justin. This has just been pointed out to me. I haven't read your blog for ages - good to see you're still reminding everyone just how nutty the Tories are in Haringey.

Your "favourite little eco-warrior" got disillusioned with writing her blog, as it was mainly being read by young politicos like yourself, when the original idea was that it was for my constituents. I may reconsider coming back though, possibly trying something different. The main purpose of blogging for me is to engage.

Council-wise, I have mostly been busy with casework. I am also very proud of the review that I chaired, which looked at Improving the Health of People with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. This is now feeding into a national review into the health of people with learning disabilities.

I also went to Cuba for two weeks over the Easter holidays, on an Eco/Fairtrade-tour. As well as visiting Havana and some historical sites, we visited Fairtrade and organic farms, which was very interesting and educational. The middle picture is of me drinking rum, and the "giant mung bean" picture is me resting after a visit to a slave trade look-out point.

So that's my update. I'll let you know if and when I start a new blog.

Take care,

PS: Oh and the Superman picture - my colleague had an 80s night for her birthday, so Mal and I went as Superman and Supergirl :)

Masked Marvel said...

Quite the contrast between Emma's blog photo and the ones Hunter has posted. Conclusive proof that socialism ages one terribly, perhaps?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Hello, Emma.

Thanks for the comment - hope you are well, seriously! Why have you stopped blogging? We miss you! It would be good to meet up one day for a drink - and perhaps invite fellow Haringey bloggers?

Justin xx

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Socialism, combined with a connection with Haringey Council, is a lethal mixture.

David Allen said...

I'm glad that Emma has taken this in such a good spirit _ I wouldn't have. There is a world of difference between taking the piss out of someone's political blog and rottling thru MySpace to pick up candid pics and info of them off duty.
That said, why is Emma visiting a prison camp like Cuba at all? It is a slave state still and the sooner that wicked old bearded bastard croaks, the better! (I don't mean you, Justin!)

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