'Changing deckchairs on the Titanic' - Haringey Labour's AGM update

At Haringey Labour's Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, May 15th, a number of councillors swapped around their deckchairs, sorry Council Executive, positions.

Once again Labour has shown it has nothing new to offer the people of Haringey. After this AGM, it's a case of the same bums - but on different seats. But the same old failing policies carry on, regardless of which executive member is tasked with implementing them - they still cannot see the icebergs ahead.

Hunter is particularly scornful of two appointments - that of Cllr. Dhiren Basu, now Lead Member for Leisure and Culture and Cllr. Sheila Peacock, now Deputy Chief Whip and Lead Member for Sinking, sorry, Planning.

No-one on Haringey Council is ever held to account for their failures – they remain in office and get given new jobs or promotions, even when they are up to their necks in water.

For example, Councillor Basu was responsible for the £15m overspend on the TechFresh iT budget. In any normal organisation, he would have been sacked. But in dysfunctional Haringey he gets promoted - he should have been booted out ages ago.

Another example is Councillor Sheila Peacock. She has been 'had up' before the Chief Whip and reported to the Standards Board of England & Wales on a number of occasions. Yet she is allowed to remain Lead Member for Planning even though her conduct in that very role (her handling of a planning application from property developer Paul Simon) has been the subject of the latest Standards Board investigation into her own conduct.

Councillors John Beavan, Toni Mallett, Eddie Giffiths and Bernice Vanier were all drowned. Cllr. Canver managed to keep her lifejacket - by just one vote!

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David Allen said...

But unlike the Hollywood version, there appears to be no 'love interest' in this version of the story! Are you aware of any seething passions below decks at the Civic Centre, Hunter?