Cartoon of the month - # 1

Shamelessly stolen from Guido's blog.


David Allen said...

Do you think Ming really will be given the heave-ho? I'd like to see him carry on crumbling for as long as possible.

Tom Mason said...

My LibDem sources (you know I’ve got loads Justin! ;-D) don't reckon so.

They privately predict a LD meltdown at the next general election and (I quote) 'haemorrhaging seats in the south west'. Plus a few gains in the north, but a sizeable net loss overall.

This isn’t being blamed on Ming though - more on Labour’s heartland-consolidation efforts and our resurgence under Cameron. There seems to be a feeling that there’s no point changing leader as NONE of them have a realistic hope of significant gains.


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Ming certainly doesn't help them - that's why he should stay on.