Visiting Fortnums and making a poster board

Spent most of yesterday with my friend, Alan S. We met in Covent Garden, walked through Leicester square (bitching about all the poorly-dressed tourists) and found our way to Fortnums. Gosh, everywhere I go I encounter building works or 'refurbishments' as they are better known. Not been to Fortnum’s for years. Sadly, it's become a bit like Horrids, sorry Harrods, selling tacky products and living off its glory days. Not that I can really afford to shop at grand West End department stores, but I now limit myself to just three: Selfridges, Liberty and Peter Jones.

Met a couple of nutters in the evening in Comptons, and a very nice (and cute!) banker from Coutts bank who definitely wasn't a nutter.

I've spent all days with my in-laws - we drove to their house in rural north Essex to be meet a sea of green and blue Conservative garden posters. Asked the councillor, who lives opposite them, for one but she had run out of boards. Got two posters and spent an hour in the garage banging and soaring away - didn’t realise how butch I am! It's now proudly nailed to the gate for the world to see. Have pledged to campaign hard for this councillor and her candidate colleague, win the ward and return Uttlesford to the Blues. Or should that be the new Greens?


Anonymous said...

I never doubted you were good at DIY!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Well, I did, annon. Is that you James?

David Allen said...

No, it isn't James. It's me.
Now expect Mark Pack to send a coachload of his DimLeb nerds into Essex to 'campaign' against your team _ that should drive up the Tory majority.