Too young to be a councillor, Lib Dems tell young Tory

The headline says it all, really. Click here for the evidence. Both Iain Dale and Norfolk Blogger (currently a Lib Dem councillor) make some valid points, so there's no need for Hunter to chip in.

But the leaflet itself is dreadful not just in terms of contents, but design and layout. Could it be the worst ever election address?


Joanne said...

Good grief! Perhaps this bitter youth-hating woman Samantha Crawley could get in touch with the LibDems' pocket-Mandelson, Mark Pack and ask to be introduced to Lynne Featherstone's photographer? As we know from so many previous leaflets in Hornsey & Wood Green, he (the photographer) can work wonders! How sad that she should comment so spitefully on others' youth and enthusiasm! Diminishing qualities in her person, as we can all see. Hunter may be an unreconstructed Tory, but he sure has the right idea about the spiteful and ugly LibDem pack!

Norfolk Blogger said...

It is interesting to note that in Iain Dale's pice about campaigning in fakenham last Saturday (my ward), he says the Tories stand a chance cause one of the Lib Dems is 22 years old and finishing her degree.

Electro Kevin said...

21 does seem incredibly young, but history has many great and youthful leaders. For that matter there are those of middle-age without real world experience too, David Miliband.

Don't let youth hold you back, Justin. :-)

Gavin F said...

I was elected a Councillor at the age of 23 and within 2 years was Vice-Chairman of the Policy & Resources Committee (the Council's most powerful committee at the time). Last year we elected a 21 y/o to Kingston Council who, at the time, was the youngest Councillor in the country and also in full-time education. He seems to be managing pretty well so far!

William Pitt the Younger was about 25 when he became PM, wasn't he?

Every new Councillor needs support and guidance from their more experienced colleagues at first, of course. But surely a mix of age ranges on any Council can only be a positive thing.....?