So Macho?

The guy who wrote So Macho, the gay disco anthem sung by icon Sinitta, is standing for the Scottish Parliament and is, unbelievably, making homophobic attacks on his Green rival, Patrick Harvie.

George Hargreaves, founder of the Scottish Christian Party, is standing against him, and says that Mr Harvie's open bisexuality makes him sinful. Read more here.

Those lyrics in full (the B-side of the single was called Cruising):

I don't want no seven stone weakling
Or a boy who thinks he's a girl
I'm after a hunk of a guy
An experienced man of the world
There ain't no way that I'll make do
With anything less than I'm used to
If I have a man tonight
He's gotta be right, right, right

*So Macho
He's got to be
So Macho
He's got to be big and strong enough
to turn me on
He's got to have, big blue eyes
Be able to satisfy
He's got to be big and strong enough
to turn me on

I'm tired of taking the lead
I want a man who will dominate me
Someone who will love and protect me
And take care of my every need
Now I don't mean to be personal
But a guy like that's more preferable
In my humble point of view
Than any of you

(And on, and on, and on)

Macho man
-Ooh I'm in need of a
Macho man
-Ooh I'm in need of a man...
He's got to be...

Hunter thinks Mr. Hargreaves protests too much...


David Allen said...

I remember So Macho when it first came out!! And bought it too... A rather camp and cheesy song. The B-side 'Cruising' is much better _ I bought it from the iTunes Store only recently _ as it is much more dirty and authentic!

Alan's Blogs said...

This is the sad thing with so many people.

Happy to take the Pink Pound, make themselves rich and live a double life.

Still, I'll probably have a little dance to the song if it still played anywhere. I'll have to get the B-side though just to be "shocked" and "outraged" lol.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Alan, you can listen to the song by clciking on So Macho (in green) and it'll take you direct to YouTube.

Alan's Blogs said...

I'd like to, not sure what my work colleagues might think!!

I'll ask the DJ tomorrow nite....