Planning my funeral

It may sound strange, given that I'm only 26, but I've been thinking about my funeral. Look what happened to those poor sods in Virginia! I bet they all thought they would reach a ripe old age, and didn't make any preparations for their funerals. In fact, every time I leave my flat I'm taking a risk - it's a tough part of town where shootings and murders are not uncommon. I can't assume that I won't be attacked. Even crossing the road is often a challenge - they drive like maniacs around here.

Firstly, I have given James three instructions should I drop dead tomorrow:

1. I want to be buried, not cremated;
2. I want a traditional church service (preferably in All Hallows, Tottenham).
3. I want the wake to turn into a music festival with songs ranging from S Club 7 to Mozart's violin concerto number 5.

Anything can happen at anytime, so book your funeral and make a will!Have you made any plans?


David Allen said...

How morbid! Not planning on leaving us any time soon, I hope.
And what would you like your epitaph to be?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Cremated, not buried. I don't want more poor family to have to come and tend to my grave. I also don't need a grave as some sort of sign that I was here.

As for coffins, as far as i am concerned burn me in a bin bag in my Everton top.

Music, Night Boat to Cairo (Madness) or Parklife (Blur). No wake, although perhaps everyone should be made to play a game on my Nintendo Wii to lighten the mood !

Croydonian said...

We were discussing funerals and the like chez moi the other week, and I think that 'mania's and Hitch's funeral plans might amuse...

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Actually, I found the Hitch's request quite amusing. I wonder what David Allen will do? Shall I re-publish THAT picture?

Croydonian said...

Didn't you think that Mania's plans showed ambition too?

I think David has suffered enough.