Pissed off that 'my' candidate didn't win

Last night I - along with about 200 fellow Conservatives - attended a meeting in Southgate to select our GLA candidate for Enfield-Haringey, our party's number one target seat in London.

Behind the scenes, I had been campaigning hard for David Conway. David undoubtedly gave the best speech of the night - no notes and an in-depth knowledge of local issues, including facts and figures. David, a former Enfield councillor of 18 years, has a PhD and speaks 8 languages; a real intellectual who would have done us proud on the GLA.

So, what happened? Matthew Laban, the winner, bussed in his supporters from Enfield North. In short, he did a good job of mobilising his supporters and getting them to actually turn up, sit there for almost 3 hours and 'vote the right way'. He broke none of the rules, so mustn't grumble too much.

The meeting was open to all paid-up members, the candidates made their pitches and the votes were cast.

Although Matthew wasn't my preferred candidate, he'll be a billion times better than the hapless Labour AM, Joanne McCartney. She really is too awful for words. Matthew is a local resident and councillor, works as a teacher in a state secondary school, is an experienced campaigner (having won two by-elections!) and is well-known throughout Enfield in his capacity as Lead Member for Housing. Our task, now, is to get him known across Haringey - where his family orginally come from.

My congratulations to Matthew. Rest assured, you have our full support and we'll work tirelessly in the coming months to ensure Haringey goes blue in 55 week's time!

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Anonymous said...

Had I been there last night I would have voted for David Conway as well. He is the right man for the job.