Nina Simone: using my 100th post to say 'we miss you'

Hunter has always adored the life and work of Nina Simone, the black civil rights campaigner who, sadly, passed away a few years ago.

Ain't Got No... I Got Life and Young Gifted And Black are particular favourites (Hunter would play the latter in all Haringey schools - she's an inspiration and the words are true!)

Nina is irreplaceable, but it would be good for some new Blues singers to emerge.

If you ever need perking up, just listen to Nina Simone. We miss you, Nina!


Newmania said...

Young Gifted and Black ., I thought it was a Desmond Decker song . His version is much better , so is Aretha Franklin’s.

To soppy young hunter . MAN UP

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, it was NS - deffo!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

By the way, N, in May, one of our candidates in Tottenham played in Desmond Decker's band!

Croydonian said...

Putting on my sad old blues nut hat, I would not call Simone a blues singer, more of a jazzer. Still, none the worse for that.