Exclusive: MP on his deathbed

Hunter has been told that a Labour MP is on his deathbed. Sadly, for us, it's a stong Labour seat with the Dim Lebs in second place. Not doubt we'd do much better than we did in the Brent East by-election, but it will be a very tought nut to crack. Why can't we have by-elections in marginal Labour-Conservative seats? Since 1997, we have had by-election after by-election in safe Labour seats with no history of electing Conservatives.

As the MP is not even dead and the story could be a hoax (which I seriously doubt), I will not name him. I suspect many people will know who I'm talking about and that Focues and In Touches are being printed as I type.


Anonymous said...

A little yellow bird tells me that Mark Pack has already moved into the constituency!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you will accept me assuming it could be an Ealing comedy if this by-election were called?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think we are talking about the 'Queen of the suburbs'! (and I'm not talking about Mandelson's imminent move back to Hampstead (Garden Suburb).