Lib Dem councillors abandon Haringey for Scotland

I think that I've already mentioned that the sad and confused Cllr. Ron Aitken (the Conservative-turned-SNP-turned-Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Pro-Life-turned-Ulster Unionist-turned-Conservative-turned-Lib Dem) Member for Crouch End has abandoned Haringey for Scotland. Fellow Dim Leb, Cllr. Robert Gorrie (Hornsey), now joins him -standing as a List Member for Central Scotland.

Haringey residents, rather unwisely, voted for the Lib Dems in the hope that they would stand up to decades of Labour mis-rule and possibly end it, not for them to abandon Haringey at the first opportunity to line their pockets in Scotland!

Here are six questions the Lib Dems can’t answer:

1. How can Aitken and Gorrie be "local" to Haringey and Scottish voters?
2. Will they resign their seats if successful?
3. Are they using Haringey as a 'stepping stone' for greater political ends?
4. How can they challenge and oppose Haringey Labour when in Scotland?
5. How can they be anti-Labour in Haringey and support them in government in Scotland?
6. Were the Scottish Lib Dems so desperate for candidates that they were forced to parachute them in from London?

Why anyone would vote Lib Dem anywhere, especially in Scotland, is beyond me. They prop up the deeply unpopular Labour government, yet campaign as if they are in opposition. Indeed, in the West Fife parliamentary by-election, they campaigned against roads tolls which their very own transport minister was responsible for.

All in all, they’re an odd party – containing real socialists and a few decent liberals, but mostly the former. I suspect that Norfolk Blogger, privately, is against the Lib Dems propping up the Scottish Labour Party - he's a real liberal (yes, I could vote for him!) On the other hand, Haringey's Matt Davies, a fellow blogger, would be totally in favour of it. Matt is so left-wing that Aitken once described him to me as a being "Communist" – and that was only two years ago…


Norfolk Blogger said...

I presume councillor Gorrie is related to the other Lib Dem Gorrie, former MP for Edinburgh West and MSP for Central Scotland.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Not sure - you could well be right, Nich.

Matt said...

That's very funny - can I at least have Liberal Social Communist Democrat?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Yes, you can! The Lib Dems are a franchise party, so it's possible. LOL.

Given that Aitken has a low opinion on you, what do you think of him...

David Allen said...

I don't suppose that Matt will be replying to that last question!
But how funny that he can now be described as a "soi-disant Liberal Social Communist Democrat"

Suz said...

Not quite sure how to respond to t this. Being a paper candidate is quite common with the LibDems.

Both must have some connection with Scotland for them to have put their name forward. Lets be honest they haven't really got a chance of winning.

If by some magic they did they would have to get their backside up there sharpish and H would have by-elections