Hunter exposes Fib Dem hypocrisy

Hunter appears to be exposing the Fib Dems on a daily basis. Today, he exposes the Fib Dems for issuing a press release in August of last year condemning the Conservatives for delaying selecting their Mayoral candidate, when today they have announced that they, too, would be doing the same!

Apparently, only four people, all non-entities, applied to the Dims Lubs - and there wasn't even a single ex-DJ in sight!

More here.


David Allen said...

Hat tip for exposing the Libdem hypocrisy in criticising us for delays to our candidate selection, but at this rate, it looks like Livingstone will be running unopposed! Like Blair he is absolutely appalling, but has a very thick Teflon coating, which I fear will take 3 consecutive election wins to wear out!

Anonymous said...

Londoners are mad to put up with Livingstone. You voted for rubiish and that's what you've got.

Really like your blog, Hunter.
"Ipswich Man"

Newmania said...

Keeping up the good fight I see Justin. I `m rather missing you and David acrtually ...sniff sniff

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

And we miss you, N. Love to Mrs. N and Elliott. See you soon - I hope!

Suz said...

A good contribution for my post

Tories and LibDems running scared of Ken.

I remember the LibDem press release but can't find the URL link. Any luck

Alan's Blogs said...

Isn't that so typical of the Lib Dums being a let down. Their liberal voice web site has the usual spin of "getting the choice right" rubbish.

Saying one thing, doing another!!

Alan's Blogs said...

Actually, on reviewing, the Comment is "Better to get the Mayoral Selection right rather than rush it".

Who gives a toss, they won't win.

Newmania said...

Winning isn`t evrything Alan . The Labour Party`s strength in London is built on paying for votes with tax payers money through the housing system plus benefits and supporting all those who hate this country.

Why would anyone who is economically productive vote Labour ? What was it you did again ?