Happy St. George's Day!

Once again, Livingstone refuses to provide financial assistance for St. George's celebrations in the capital. You mean, little anti-English horror! Once an apologist for Sinn Fein/IRA, Livingstone spends millions on St. Patrick's Day. Will Londoners ever wake up and smell the coffee?

Hunter will be celebrating the day by visiting his usual haunts.


Anonymous said...

Dont know how Livingstone gets away with it, especially now that Trafalgar Square has become available for all sorts of celebrations. I believe that there is a big South American Festival coming up this Summer in the Square. I wonder how much that is going to cost. His trip to Cuba was sheer farce. It's obvious that he was after an audience with his hero Castro. We're never going to win back our national identity with idiots like him at the helm. It's claimed that Livingstone is determined to stay in office long enough to take credit for the 2012 Olympics. Lets hope not. His old cozying up with the IRA is still unforgivable.
Why couldn't the Party have given us someone stronger than Norris at the last Mayoral Election. Perhaps the English, like the French have always liked a lovable rougue. I would be happy to see the back of him.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Agree, Annon, apart from your attack on Norris. Norris was a very strong candidate who came within a whisker of winning.