Exclusive: Hornsey & Wood Green Labour opt for AWSL

News reaches Hunter that the Hornsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party (H&WGCLP) has opted for an All Women's Shortlist (AWSL) to select their parliamentary candidate. This doesn't make much sense to Hunter. They had a woman (Barbara Roche, the MP from 1992-2005), and still lost. Very few people vote on the basis on one's gender - it's the policies that count. People rejected Roche not because she was a woman, but because she voted for the Iraq war, tuition fees, the closure of our post offices and for failing to stand up to Blair and Haringey Council.

The ALWS is a slap in the face for Labour's local male members, in particular Peter Droussiotis, the former Alexandra Ward councillor, who wanted to throw his hat into the ring. The deadline for applications in Friday, 27th April 2007 for all Labour 'wimmin'.

Lynne Featherstone, the current MP, is almost 60. Many people predict that this will be her last election before one of the party's 'young turks' knifes her in the back. Nasty people, those Lib Dems.


Fahrenheit said...

Hunter said:

"The ALWS is a slap in the face for Labour's local male members"

Yep, if you're going to vote Labour, it does help if you're a bit of a 'male member'.


David Allen said...

Given the appalling state of the Labour Party and its apalling reputation with the public, a 'Masochists Only Shortlist' may be a more appropriate description!

Anonymous said...

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn. The news about an all woman short list is around six months old. Do keep up at the back!

Norfolk Blogger said...

utter, sorry Justin, but complete and utter twaddle about Lynne Featherstone. It is out of order to make up, and this is clearly made up, comments about "young turks" and "knifed in the back", without any substantiation, then to use these made up comments to attack all Lib Dems.

Lynne will be MP until she wants to stand down, its as simple as that.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, it isn't, Nich. Neil Williams, the Grp. Leader, has let it be known that he will stand when she retires. No doubt Stephen Gilbert will apply if he isn't selected for a Cornish seat. And there's Monica Whyte. The list in endless! The Lib Dem grp. on Haringey Council if full of highly ambitious people who are using the Council as a stepping stone for Parliament. They all, from what I understand, hate each other - one or two are quite nasty people.

As for "Lynne will be MP until she wants to stand down, its as simple as that", I find this quite an arrogant view. It's up to the voters to decide how long they want her in parliament, not Featherstone herself. With a new Labour candidate locally and Leader national, Labour can expect a swing back to them. According to one website, the Conservative vote will go from 12% to 21%. More and more people are telling me that Featherstone either doesn't respond to corresponded or is really late in doing so. There's no substitute to working all year round and keeping in touch with constituents (silly poorly-produced Focuses don't count!). And the more people that hear her on the Westminster Hour, the better; talks no sense at all and talks with that dreadful voice. So, all in all, no guarantees that she'll be re-elected.

Anonymous said...

You claimed someone is going to oust her and then when challenged haven't been able to produce any evidence (saying someone might stand one day in the future is not exactly evidence for what you claimed).

That makes it a very clear admission that you just made the story up Justin.

The only wonder is that you thought anyone would believe it rather than realising how it makes you look!!!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Trust me, Annon, trust me! Not going to reveal my source.