Equal pay for All

Strange as it may sound for a Conservative to say, but Hunter is pleased to support a demand by the TUC for an equal minimum wage, regardless of age.

Hunter Junior, 17, is working in a supermarket in Finchley, whilst taking his A-Levels.

Despite doing more work than his older colleagues, he is paid less than half of their wage per hour. Would you work for something like £3.80 ph?

People doing the same job should be paid the same amount. Ageism directed against older workers has now been outlawed - isn't it time to end the exploitation of young workers?

Representations will be made to David and Gideon!


Anonymous said...

Justin, as a life-long socialist, I would have no hestitaion in voting for you. You seem like a decent 'one nation' Tory - wish Cameron could be more like you.

AJ said...

Not neccessarily, unfortunately some (not all) younger workers do not and can hardly string a sentance together let alone spell, add up or have good customer service skills. An example would be say one shop assistant whose 17 and unable to handle an irate customer and another whose 50 who would have the experience to handle the customer properly - which would you pay the higher amount?. Equality is fine but in some cases experience and the ability to perform in situations other than what is normally required should be taken into consideration.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with aj. Alot of young shop staff have no concept of customer relations. Just listen to them conversing with each other. The core of their daily conversations can often be 'What time do you finish', 'What time did you start' 'When is your tea break'. It's as though their working hours are an inconvenient intrusion into their leisure hours.
I would much rather hire a more reliable senior member of the community. Someone who knows how to deal with customers. So I wouldnt go for this equal pay.
Another one for the 'Bad Ideas' bin.