Campaigning in Essex, eating in Crouch End

Hunter spent the day campaigning, with David Allen, in north Essex and in Hertfordshire. All in all, quite a productive day; lots of 'always vote Conservative', 'we're impressed with David Cameron', 'had a leaflet from you the other day' and 'definitely not voting for Labour'. A few 'don't knows' - Hunter always puts them down as Liberals. Just why do so few people ever admit to voting Fib Dem?

Finished off the day by eating in La Bota, a fine Tapas bar in Crouch End. Hunter was in bed by 10pm.

Been up since 8:30 - housework done, read all the blogs listed ion the right hand side of this page and now off to Bruce Grove to see Andrew for some Green tea. Think I’ll give Molly’s a miss today.



Norfolk Blogger said...

I never have a problem people tleeing me they are Lib Dems. Funny thing Justin because I have had 15 years of people not admitting to being Tories on the doorstep. I guess I treat that as normal and not news worthy.

Ellee said...

I think Norfolk blogger finds it hard to accept the truth, not long till Thursday, you'll be celebrating I'm sure Hunter, you and Dave and the others.;-)