Aitken on the loose (deep Scottish accent)?

What crimes can they possibly be referring to? And committed by whom? Being two-faced in a public place? (we can lay that charge against any Lib Dem) Being ugly in a public place? (too many LibDem candidates to cite here) Being found in possession of an offensive weapon? (any Focus lealfet could be submitted in evidence).

The picture, from a "Focus" leaflet in Scotland, is courtesy of Iain Dale's blog.


Norfolk Blogger said...

Are all your comments true really of every Lib Dem justin ?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, just most of them :-)

Jonathan Sheppard said...

An amusing leaflet courtesy of Iain, who gotit courtesy of my source North of the border.

Another amusing leaflet emailed to me from Wales this time that ConHome was also sent.

This Assembly member doesnt appear to be too ambitious in his pledges.

David Allen said...

Good knockabout stuff! A big blue rosette for the sub who wrote that headline!