Music - help

Anyone remember this song? If you have it on CD, LP or know where Hunter can purchase a copy, please be in touch.

Campaigning in Essex, eating in Crouch End

Hunter spent the day campaigning, with David Allen, in north Essex and in Hertfordshire. All in all, quite a productive day; lots of 'always vote Conservative', 'we're impressed with David Cameron', 'had a leaflet from you the other day' and 'definitely not voting for Labour'. A few 'don't knows' - Hunter always puts them down as Liberals. Just why do so few people ever admit to voting Fib Dem?

Finished off the day by eating in La Bota, a fine Tapas bar in Crouch End. Hunter was in bed by 10pm.

Been up since 8:30 - housework done, read all the blogs listed ion the right hand side of this page and now off to Bruce Grove to see Andrew for some Green tea. Think I’ll give Molly’s a miss today.


Too young to be a councillor, Lib Dems tell young Tory

The headline says it all, really. Click here for the evidence. Both Iain Dale and Norfolk Blogger (currently a Lib Dem councillor) make some valid points, so there's no need for Hunter to chip in.

But the leaflet itself is dreadful not just in terms of contents, but design and layout. Could it be the worst ever election address?

Those boots were made for running, and that's what she's doin'

A Nigerian lesbian is on the run after holding a sumptuous wedding ceremony.

Aunty Maiduguri, 45, reportedly married four women at a ceremony in the city of Kano.

The multiple marriage was witnessed by 2,000 guests and was followed by two days of feasting.

Her neighbours, possibly irritated by the noisy revelry, informed local authorities.

Kano, a city of nearly four million people, is in Kano state, where Islamic law has been enforced since 2000.

"As defenders of Sharia law, we shall not allow this unhealthy development to take place," the deputy commander of the state Islamic police, told ThisDay newspaper.

"We are investigating the matter with a view to find the culprits and punish them."

Homosexuality is illegal throughout Nigeria.

Story courtesy of Pinknews.

Rating the panellists on Question Time

Lord Hurd was, and remains, a political giant. This led me to think of the cabinet ministers in the last Conservative Government -- intellectual heavyweights -- compared to the pygmies on today’s front bench. Watching tonight's Question Time, Labour's Caroline Flint, a health minister, was atrocious. She did, though, do slightly better that that smug, arrogant, pretentious and pompous “Neo-Con”, Douglas Murray. David Laws, Lib Dem, wasn’t too bad, although it wasn’t his finest hour (he hadn’t a clue when it came to discussing health/junior doctors and MTAS). Plaid’s Adam Price was his usual self: calm, coherent and cute! What did you think of the panellists?

Loony Lib Dems boot out councillor for, er, supporting families

In Cambridge, Hunter's old stomping ground, a long-serving and respected councillor has been kicked out of the Dim Lebs for suggesting that more homes should be built to cater for families. Most new builds are either one or two-bedrooms - no good for young families. His comments about the need for family homes were later picked up by the council's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group, which said they could be construed as "heterosexist", unintentionally biased towards heterosexuals. Councillor Hipkin is said he was deeply hurt by the claim. Too bloody right! This, dare I say it, is political-correctness gone mad! More here.

Hunter has always believed that the Dim Lebs are a dustbin party for various malcontents, especially from the Left. The moral of this story? If you don't want your Town Hall to be run, or continue to be run, by Yellow Peril/ PC / Trots, don't vote Lib Dem on May 3rd. Vote Conservative.

If only Hunter could...

... hunt and shoot Lib Dems. First up would be 'Dr' Mark Pack. Lib Dem spin doctor and, so we're told, the 'brains' behind Operation Featherbrain. Probably a doctor of sociology, Pack spends his entire time looking for 'dirt' on other parties. A real geek who can dish it out but can't take anything in return. Responsible for every parliamentary by-election campaign, his lines are predictable: "It's a two-horse race - everyone knows X can't win here", dodgy poll graphs, mud-slinging - this man is poisonous to the democratic process. He’d do and say anything to get a Dim Leb elected.

Second up, Chris Barker, a little-known man from Muswell Hill who runs "West Haringey Bus Watch", a Lib Dem front. A real old-time socialist who is as ugly as sin (they seem to collect 'em!). A know-it-all. Meet him and two words spring to mind: 'odious' and 'smug'. Actually, there is a third word for him - guess it!

And thirdly, but by no means lastly, the Lib Dems' only Tottenham activist in N17, Neville Collins; a road sweeper who can "understand" why people vote BNP. He once said that people who like Tottenham most be "tired of life or on drugs". More recently, he said Britain needed to be internationally isolated, not Iran, over the capture of the 15 marines. Collins is also semi-literate.

And, of course, there's sad and confused Ron Aitken, the Conservative-turned-SNP-turned-Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Pro-Life-turned-Ulster Unionist-turned-Conservative-turned-Lib Dem Member for Crouch End. I think Hunter may have already have mentioned him in previous posts.

The horses are saddled up, the dogs are barking to be let out of their kennels and my riding-crop is twitching - now all we need is for the law to change!

Happy St. George's Day!

Once again, Livingstone refuses to provide financial assistance for St. George's celebrations in the capital. You mean, little anti-English horror! Once an apologist for Sinn Fein/IRA, Livingstone spends millions on St. Patrick's Day. Will Londoners ever wake up and smell the coffee?

Hunter will be celebrating the day by visiting his usual haunts.

Nina Simone: using my 100th post to say 'we miss you'

Hunter has always adored the life and work of Nina Simone, the black civil rights campaigner who, sadly, passed away a few years ago.

Ain't Got No... I Got Life and Young Gifted And Black are particular favourites (Hunter would play the latter in all Haringey schools - she's an inspiration and the words are true!)

Nina is irreplaceable, but it would be good for some new Blues singers to emerge.

If you ever need perking up, just listen to Nina Simone. We miss you, Nina!

Equal pay for All

Strange as it may sound for a Conservative to say, but Hunter is pleased to support a demand by the TUC for an equal minimum wage, regardless of age.

Hunter Junior, 17, is working in a supermarket in Finchley, whilst taking his A-Levels.

Despite doing more work than his older colleagues, he is paid less than half of their wage per hour. Would you work for something like £3.80 ph?

People doing the same job should be paid the same amount. Ageism directed against older workers has now been outlawed - isn't it time to end the exploitation of young workers?

Representations will be made to David and Gideon!

Is it time for Maude to go?

Everyone knows that I am a "Cameroonie" - it gets me enough grief on the pages of ConservativeHome! But am I bovvered? No! I really like the way the Party is going under David Cameron's leadership. And Francis Maude, the Party Chairman, has been instrumental in helping to change the party, mostly for the better.

In many respects, Maude was a Cameroonie before we even knew DC existed! But the process of selecting a candidate for London Mayor has been so embarrassing and shameful that many will feel that Maude should now decide to spend more time with his family.

You wanted a 'open primary', but 'big names' did not materialise, so it was postponed. The only saving grace, if you can call it that, is that the LibDems are in exactly the same boat.

But it got worse: yesterday, we learnt that Francis had been in talks with Greg Dyke. Dyke, a Labour member of 40 years turned Lib Dem donor, wanted to run as a left-wing Socialist, sorry Independent, and for the Conservatives and Liberal parties to withdraw their candidates and support him. Showing uncharacteristic wisdom, the Lib Dems told him to get lost.

Dyke would not have been acceptable to Londoners, let alone Conservative members and supporters. What was Maude thinking of to have even have considered the proposal?

Francis, you messed up big time and made the Conservatives look incompetent and desperate.

If you had been a darling of the party, you might just about have been let off. But given all the enemies you've made - convincing most Conservative activists that you thought we were a rather grubby and neanderthal embarassment - and an obstacle to progress - I don't suppose you will be easily forgiven. Expect calls for your head to roll!

Exclusive: MP on his deathbed

Hunter has been told that a Labour MP is on his deathbed. Sadly, for us, it's a stong Labour seat with the Dim Lebs in second place. Not doubt we'd do much better than we did in the Brent East by-election, but it will be a very tought nut to crack. Why can't we have by-elections in marginal Labour-Conservative seats? Since 1997, we have had by-election after by-election in safe Labour seats with no history of electing Conservatives.

As the MP is not even dead and the story could be a hoax (which I seriously doubt), I will not name him. I suspect many people will know who I'm talking about and that Focues and In Touches are being printed as I type.

Catriona goes hunting - that's what we joined for!

Catriona, my best friend, has been hunting in the Highlands. Hunting, shooting, fishing, smoking cigars and drinking chmpagne is what we joined the Conservatives for - not to go on endless bloody green action days. You won't catch Hunter in recycled trainers...

Planning my funeral

It may sound strange, given that I'm only 26, but I've been thinking about my funeral. Look what happened to those poor sods in Virginia! I bet they all thought they would reach a ripe old age, and didn't make any preparations for their funerals. In fact, every time I leave my flat I'm taking a risk - it's a tough part of town where shootings and murders are not uncommon. I can't assume that I won't be attacked. Even crossing the road is often a challenge - they drive like maniacs around here.

Firstly, I have given James three instructions should I drop dead tomorrow:

1. I want to be buried, not cremated;
2. I want a traditional church service (preferably in All Hallows, Tottenham).
3. I want the wake to turn into a music festival with songs ranging from S Club 7 to Mozart's violin concerto number 5.

Anything can happen at anytime, so book your funeral and make a will!Have you made any plans?

Visiting Fortnums and making a poster board

Spent most of yesterday with my friend, Alan S. We met in Covent Garden, walked through Leicester square (bitching about all the poorly-dressed tourists) and found our way to Fortnums. Gosh, everywhere I go I encounter building works or 'refurbishments' as they are better known. Not been to Fortnum’s for years. Sadly, it's become a bit like Horrids, sorry Harrods, selling tacky products and living off its glory days. Not that I can really afford to shop at grand West End department stores, but I now limit myself to just three: Selfridges, Liberty and Peter Jones.

Met a couple of nutters in the evening in Comptons, and a very nice (and cute!) banker from Coutts bank who definitely wasn't a nutter.

I've spent all days with my in-laws - we drove to their house in rural north Essex to be meet a sea of green and blue Conservative garden posters. Asked the councillor, who lives opposite them, for one but she had run out of boards. Got two posters and spent an hour in the garage banging and soaring away - didn’t realise how butch I am! It's now proudly nailed to the gate for the world to see. Have pledged to campaign hard for this councillor and her candidate colleague, win the ward and return Uttlesford to the Blues. Or should that be the new Greens?

James' 30th

Friday was doctor James' 30th birthday and about 18 of us headed to Tavistock Street to a little Turkish restaurant, called Sofa, to celebrate. Arrived in town a little early, so we decided to pop into two galleries which I hadn't visited for a while. First was the Photographers' Gallery - lots of work going on, so only the shop was open. I first went there about 10 years ago on a school visit and we saw a really excellent exhibition on Maya Angelou. Then off to National Portrait Gallery. Hadn't been there since they had an exhibition on Elizabeth Taylor who was, incidentally, born in Highgate! Their current theme, on the ground floor, is on the slave trade; the first picture that struck me was of bloody Diane Abbott! Was she a slave? No! Did she abolish slavery? No! In fact, it was William Wilberforce, a Tory, who worked hard to abolish it. Thank goodness we didn't pay anything to get in, otherwise I would have demanded a refund! Diane Abbott? P-L-E-A-S-E!

We were pleased to meet Tony's new girlfriend (at last- in both senses!)- Michelle seemed very charming. Well done, mate!

James drank a little too much and I was tired, so we declined an offer to go to G.A.Y. Used to go there a lot, but I'm 26 now...

Anyway, a good night was had by all!

Exclusive: Hornsey & Wood Green Labour opt for AWSL

News reaches Hunter that the Hornsey and Wood Green Constituency Labour Party (H&WGCLP) has opted for an All Women's Shortlist (AWSL) to select their parliamentary candidate. This doesn't make much sense to Hunter. They had a woman (Barbara Roche, the MP from 1992-2005), and still lost. Very few people vote on the basis on one's gender - it's the policies that count. People rejected Roche not because she was a woman, but because she voted for the Iraq war, tuition fees, the closure of our post offices and for failing to stand up to Blair and Haringey Council.

The ALWS is a slap in the face for Labour's local male members, in particular Peter Droussiotis, the former Alexandra Ward councillor, who wanted to throw his hat into the ring. The deadline for applications in Friday, 27th April 2007 for all Labour 'wimmin'.

Lynne Featherstone, the current MP, is almost 60. Many people predict that this will be her last election before one of the party's 'young turks' knifes her in the back. Nasty people, those Lib Dems.

Hunter exposes Fib Dem hypocrisy

Hunter appears to be exposing the Fib Dems on a daily basis. Today, he exposes the Fib Dems for issuing a press release in August of last year condemning the Conservatives for delaying selecting their Mayoral candidate, when today they have announced that they, too, would be doing the same!

Apparently, only four people, all non-entities, applied to the Dims Lubs - and there wasn't even a single ex-DJ in sight!

More here.

So Macho?

The guy who wrote So Macho, the gay disco anthem sung by icon Sinitta, is standing for the Scottish Parliament and is, unbelievably, making homophobic attacks on his Green rival, Patrick Harvie.

George Hargreaves, founder of the Scottish Christian Party, is standing against him, and says that Mr Harvie's open bisexuality makes him sinful. Read more here.

Those lyrics in full (the B-side of the single was called Cruising):

I don't want no seven stone weakling
Or a boy who thinks he's a girl
I'm after a hunk of a guy
An experienced man of the world
There ain't no way that I'll make do
With anything less than I'm used to
If I have a man tonight
He's gotta be right, right, right

*So Macho
He's got to be
So Macho
He's got to be big and strong enough
to turn me on
He's got to have, big blue eyes
Be able to satisfy
He's got to be big and strong enough
to turn me on

I'm tired of taking the lead
I want a man who will dominate me
Someone who will love and protect me
And take care of my every need
Now I don't mean to be personal
But a guy like that's more preferable
In my humble point of view
Than any of you

(And on, and on, and on)

Macho man
-Ooh I'm in need of a
Macho man
-Ooh I'm in need of a man...
He's got to be...

Hunter thinks Mr. Hargreaves protests too much...

Pissed off that 'my' candidate didn't win

Last night I - along with about 200 fellow Conservatives - attended a meeting in Southgate to select our GLA candidate for Enfield-Haringey, our party's number one target seat in London.

Behind the scenes, I had been campaigning hard for David Conway. David undoubtedly gave the best speech of the night - no notes and an in-depth knowledge of local issues, including facts and figures. David, a former Enfield councillor of 18 years, has a PhD and speaks 8 languages; a real intellectual who would have done us proud on the GLA.

So, what happened? Matthew Laban, the winner, bussed in his supporters from Enfield North. In short, he did a good job of mobilising his supporters and getting them to actually turn up, sit there for almost 3 hours and 'vote the right way'. He broke none of the rules, so mustn't grumble too much.

The meeting was open to all paid-up members, the candidates made their pitches and the votes were cast.

Although Matthew wasn't my preferred candidate, he'll be a billion times better than the hapless Labour AM, Joanne McCartney. She really is too awful for words. Matthew is a local resident and councillor, works as a teacher in a state secondary school, is an experienced campaigner (having won two by-elections!) and is well-known throughout Enfield in his capacity as Lead Member for Housing. Our task, now, is to get him known across Haringey - where his family orginally come from.

My congratulations to Matthew. Rest assured, you have our full support and we'll work tirelessly in the coming months to ensure Haringey goes blue in 55 week's time!

Aitken on the loose (deep Scottish accent)?

What crimes can they possibly be referring to? And committed by whom? Being two-faced in a public place? (we can lay that charge against any Lib Dem) Being ugly in a public place? (too many LibDem candidates to cite here) Being found in possession of an offensive weapon? (any Focus lealfet could be submitted in evidence).

The picture, from a "Focus" leaflet in Scotland, is courtesy of Iain Dale's blog.

Lib Dem councillors abandon Haringey for Scotland

I think that I've already mentioned that the sad and confused Cllr. Ron Aitken (the Conservative-turned-SNP-turned-Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Pro-Life-turned-Ulster Unionist-turned-Conservative-turned-Lib Dem) Member for Crouch End has abandoned Haringey for Scotland. Fellow Dim Leb, Cllr. Robert Gorrie (Hornsey), now joins him -standing as a List Member for Central Scotland.

Haringey residents, rather unwisely, voted for the Lib Dems in the hope that they would stand up to decades of Labour mis-rule and possibly end it, not for them to abandon Haringey at the first opportunity to line their pockets in Scotland!

Here are six questions the Lib Dems can’t answer:

1. How can Aitken and Gorrie be "local" to Haringey and Scottish voters?
2. Will they resign their seats if successful?
3. Are they using Haringey as a 'stepping stone' for greater political ends?
4. How can they challenge and oppose Haringey Labour when in Scotland?
5. How can they be anti-Labour in Haringey and support them in government in Scotland?
6. Were the Scottish Lib Dems so desperate for candidates that they were forced to parachute them in from London?

Why anyone would vote Lib Dem anywhere, especially in Scotland, is beyond me. They prop up the deeply unpopular Labour government, yet campaign as if they are in opposition. Indeed, in the West Fife parliamentary by-election, they campaigned against roads tolls which their very own transport minister was responsible for.

All in all, they’re an odd party – containing real socialists and a few decent liberals, but mostly the former. I suspect that Norfolk Blogger, privately, is against the Lib Dems propping up the Scottish Labour Party - he's a real liberal (yes, I could vote for him!) On the other hand, Haringey's Matt Davies, a fellow blogger, would be totally in favour of it. Matt is so left-wing that Aitken once described him to me as a being "Communist" – and that was only two years ago…