Whose house is this?

It has:

_ 25,000 gallons of rainwater storage,
_ gray water collection from sinks and showers for irrigation,
_ Solar panels,
_ geothermal heating and cooling
_ is just 4,000-square-foot*
_ has 12 - 18 inch thick walls for extra insulation, made from....
_ ....waste/ offcuts of locally-quarried stone

Dave Cameron's? Al Gore's?


George W. Bush's family home in Crawford, Texas.

Compare this with the 20,000 square foot Gore palace in Tennessee!

Some people talk the talk, others walk the walk.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Pack!

Thanks to Arthurian Legend, my source.


David Allen said...

Oh dear, Justin! You're smashing one sacred cow after another: first man-made global warming now the mandatory hatred of George W. You will never be invited for cocktails in the N8 or N10 postcodes ever again.

Newmania said...

I have a good combatant from the green side who has turned up on my blog and he is actually making some sensible points.

I would not swing to being a religious denier some poerfectly sincere people believe , quite reasonably that there is a real problem.

On balance I agree and the C4 prog was exceedingly questionable and inflammatory.

What you need Justin is some of that good old fashioned David Allen moderation

David Allen said...

N, you know how to hurt a guy: 'moderate' indeed!
I think it was Mrs T, who, in one of the first speeches by any really senior politician about the environment, said that Man had a "full repairing lease on the earth" _ a general duty to husband the earth's resources well and to clear up after ourselves. I think that any Conservative would be happy with that approach to environmentalism. In that sense, I don't think that Justin has said anything which actually opposes the sort of sensible environmental measures that DC and many others have spoken about. They are all perfectly compatible with a healthy scepticism about whether global warming is man-made _ and about whether man-made responses to it can actually do anything to prevent it. Either way, reducing our use of fossil fuels will save us money, increase energy security and save finite resources which ought to be reserved (as far as possible) for uses which require them. (i.e. you can heat or cool a house with solar or wind power, but you'll never be able to run a car or a plane with either).