What are we waiting for?

Zimbabwe has been in decline for 20 years. For at least the last 7 years it has been an outlaw state. (Hard to believe that it was in 2000, seven years ago, that we first saw the mass invasions of the white-owned farms, their confiscation without compensation, the murder and beatings of white farmers and their loyal black workers).

The response of the world's governments has been pathetic: puny sanctions, patchily-applied.

Nearly everyone can agree that sanctions do not work; they rarely punish the ruling elite but ordinary people. Iraq was one such example. Most Iraqis under Saddam Hussein had a far better quality of life than people living under Robert Mugabe in today's Zimbabwe. People are starving and dying. Opposition members are being tortured and murdered. Inflation is running at 4,000%.

Don't you just wish Blair would send in the SAS to assassinate the evil Mugabe?

Ideally by snatching him from his bed at night and hanging him from the roof of Government House to be found by passers-by in the morning. (No video-ed grandstanding allowed, cursing Blair and the other wicked colonialists). Or just drop a bomb or two on Government House, Harare, during the night and kill off his cronies, too.

It might just happen - Tony is looking for 'Legacy initiatives', and this one would be REALLY popular!


David Allen said...

I expect nothing of Blair and his gang, so have been less disappointed than some. But I am disappointed at the criminal neglect of 'the regional power', South Africa in standing by and watching this situation unfold, propping up Mugabe and doing nothing to intervene.
Didn't we all have hope that finally, in South Africa, there could be an African state which actually worked? But give it 20 years and it'll be another Zimbabwe _ Mbeke has all the makings of another Mugabe.

Norfolk Blogger said...

South Africa and the ANC have lost any right to their legendary freedom fighter status with their awful support for Mugabe. History will judge the ANC poorly.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Yes, it all went downhill when Nelson Mandela stood down. Mandela was a brilliant president.

South Africa's policy on HIV/Aids is scandalous. Almost 2,000 (?) people die each day from the decease thanks to the high price of drugs, continued poverty, ignorance and government denial.

'Land-grabs' of white-owned farms are also taking root...

Ms Smack said...

scary scary place.

They're going to wipe themselves out.

All I read, is how much of bastard this Brown man is. Why does he have any followers?

David Allen said...

Ms Smack, people feel sorry for him because he was the natural successor to the previous leader of the Labour Party (older than lair, more experienced, more intelligent) but got 'tricked' out of it (and therefore out of being Prime Minister for the last 10 years) because he was older, fatter, has one false eye, has dandruff, bad teeth, no social skills. This has all made him very angry and bitter, tho. he is also an old-style socialist, which appeals to Labour members who think Tony Blair is a shallow publicity-seeker with an unhealthy penchant for hanging out with billionaires.