Never mind the kids on scooters...

Following on from an interesting thread on Newmania's blog about those beyond a certain age, I thought I’d share with you one of my pet hates: the electronic buggy which, in most cases, is used by those with mobility problems.

Let me make one thing clear: they are a great way for the immobile to get around - it gives them back their independence and I’m sure many users regard them as a “God send”. But, more often than not, the users cannot properly 'drive' the bloody things!

There's one local woman who does about 25 miles per hour - on the pavements! Last week, in Sainsbury's, she sent an entire shelve of vegetables flying into the air. Several people were pelted by tomatoes (I know, technically, they are a fruit but they sit with the vegetables). I though Red Nose Day had come early for my fellow shoppers, but I didn't think joking about it would be appropriate. One poor old dear slipped on a tomato skin and badly damaged her hip.

Lessons and insurance should be made compulsory for the “Death Buggy”. Forget the kids on their diesel scooters, it's the old grannies that I actually fear.


David Allen said...

Don't let Lynne F'Bandwaggon' eatherstone see this post! Dhe'll be putting in an EDM about it to get into your good books!

Newmania said...

Ha ha Justin Nick drew made me take that down. Time for an anti red nose day Bolog for moi I think.

I`ve always hated it and its time to say the Vicar of Dibley can fuck off

Newmania said...

No more ?

Come on Justin