How Hunter could have 'turned'

Hunter spent last night in a Greek restaurant in Palmer's Green to support a local charity chosen by the Mayor of Enfield, Cllr. Tony Dey. The 'great and good' from across Enfield (plus one from Haringey) were out in force, including David Burrowes, the Southgate MP, and Nick De Bois, the next MP for Enfield North. Although, technically, it was non-partisan, it felt like a Conservative 'do' - 90% of people there were actually Conservative members. There were only two Labour councillors present and they looked a bit uncomfortable. We ate, drank (huge amounts), gambled, bitched and plotted but still managed to raise over £5,000 for Mayor Dey's charity.

One guest stood out. How can I put it? She could have 'turned' Hunter! God, was she cute; classy, friendly and sexy (she reminded me of my French teacher at school). She whispered in to my ear, whilst the jazz band was in full swing, what I thought was the "borough's top cock" - turns out that she said she’s the borough "top cop"! I can reveal that it was Chief Superintendent Sharon Rowe, Enfield's Borough Commander!

My thanks go to Cllr. Ertan Hurer, my host, for a really enjoyable evening.

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David Allen said...

Nice to hear that there is at least one member of the Met who can put people onto the straight and narrow!