Elections update

The results are almost in and they're not very encouraging. Conservatives scored just 3,457 votes across the Province (3,457 more than Labour!). Sinn Fein and the DUP were the main winners. Tony Blair's legacy in N.I. was to appease terrorists and hardliners, release murderers and thugs under Labour's "early releases" scheme, and shaft the moderates like David Trimble (UUP) and Mark Durkan (SDLP). He forced people into the hands of Adams and Paisley. To make real progress, the N.I. Conservative Party needs to be financially supported by their friends in England. Ulster residents need to be convinced that there is an alternative - a better one - to the old, stale and sectarian system which, sadly, is still operating today.


Ellee said...

It's going to take time to win this one, we are a visible force there and need to be very proactive and work on local issues.

Alan's Blogs said...

Justin, Nice point about the Tories scoring more votes than Labour in the Northern Ireland elections. However, I would remind you that Labour does not stand in the N.I. elections as we would support the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) as they are our European sister-party.

Sadly, and where we do agree, is that the extremists appear to have won well in the DUP and Sinn Fein winning more seats.

David Trimble, who I've met on a couple of occasions and have a lot of time and respect for, may well be out of Northern Ireland politics, but time will look back on what he has achieved and one of the main factors is there has been more peace in Northern Ireland over the last 10-12 years than that for ages before and yes, it that was started towards the end of the last Conservative Government, and quite rightly deserve the credit to starting that process which Labour have continued.

David Allen said...

The biggest challenge for NI will be weaning it off the teat of the English taxpayer _ NI is a land of welfare junkies with the sort of bloated public sector which must give Gordon Brown wet dreams.

Newmania said...

Its good of you to look at this Justin . It would be under my radadr I admit it.

David Allen is quite correct ;lllooking at some fuigues on the iniquity of the barnett Formula I saw the subsidy per capita in NI and i was absolutely astonished the rate at which the English tax Payer is getting ripped off

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Alan, Labour is guilty for the sectarian status quo. You wrongly assume all Socialists are Catholic and Nationalist. How would one, as a Protestant and Unionist, feel about supporting the SDLP? As a matter of fact, there is a movement of Labour activists and trade unionists demanding that Labour organise in N.I. Google it, if you don't believe me.

Because of the 'troubles', businesses were, understandably so, put off from investing in N.I. It isn't like Scotland; there are work and enterprise ethic there. In time, N.I. should be a beacon for prosperity.

Mr. N, the insurance companies really did screw Ulster residents, didn’t' they? (-:

Alan's Blogs said...

Hi Justin,

I am aware that some of my comrades in Northern Ireland want Labour to stand in elections, however the main reason why we will not field candidates is, as mentioned earlier, because of our agreement with the SDLP.

Sadly, as you know, the whole game of politics is far different to that of the mainland. However, extra investment has gone to the country and rightly so and for all communities.

Finally, I would state that when the Conservative Government correctly decided to promote peace agreements for the area, a number of Tory MPs at the time were prepared to bring down the then Government and it was Labour MPs that decided rather than play party politics to give real peace a chance, hence we backed the Tories. That was the right thing to do then and is now and is the same point I mentioned in open debate during Labour's 1999 conference.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Alan, with respect, you simply don't get it. The SDLP is a Catholic and Nationalist party. Is it impossible to be a Prod, a Unionist and a Socialist? Labour and the Libs should organise in N.I. - give people a real choice and help break the sectarian mould of Ulster politics!

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, people can break the mould of sectarian politics in Northern Ireland, and they did, by voting Alliance, who gained an Assembly seat and will now have to be part of any administration.

Also, how can you attack in one post the UUP MP for supporting Labour, then in your next post you calim that Labour have "broken" the UUP ?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Congratulations to the Alliance Party (even though they are Lib Dems!). No doubt there is support for the All to change their name to the Lib Dems?

I stand by both my posts. The UUP was made of great people until they all lost their seats. Their only MP, Lady Hermon, is a useless and spineless cow. A disgrace to the UUP, NI and to Parliament.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, it is not just a case of "organising in N.I.". If parties could just create an organisation out of nothing then wouldn't Labour be doing that in North Norfolk or Newbury, wouldn't the Lib Dems be doing it in parts of Glasgow or Basildon/Thurrock and similarly for the Tories, wouldn't they be hard at in in the innder cities where many of their parties are moribund (look at the 50 votes they got in liverpool in Thursday).

If we could create an organisation out of nothing, weouldn't we all be at it ?

Not Brian Coleman said...


You're not very bright are you?

People in Ulster will not vote for the Lib Dems and their weird and whacky set of policies.

As has been explained. Middle-class Catholic nationalists are quite happy in supporting an SDLP that relates to them and the people of Nationalist areas.

The last thing we need is a Lib/Lab wankified agenda on the doorstep of Belfast. We have to put up with it here in the country, the people of Ulster don't want it.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

As a Conservative, I believe in choice. Don't see why people in N.I. should be denied a choice - the (their) government of the UK. One more posting, containing personal abuse, will be deleted.

What's your beef with BC?

Not Brian Coleman said...

If you feel that calling you 'not very bright' is personal abuse than you're an extremely sad individual.

Do me a favour and grow-up.

Either that or get into the real world.

(PS - I doubt you'll post this because you think it probably contains ''personal abuse''.)