Councillor implies Sir Ian Blair wanted to date him!

Haringey, like many other London boroughs, has been celebrating LGBT history month - and Hunter spent yesterday evening at its '07 closing party. Now, I know that LGBT sounds like a nasty new hospital-acquired infection, and I detest all these PC acronyms, but it was an enjoyable and interesting event. I was invited along by Cllr. Alan Dobbie, the hard-working Labour councillor for Noel Park ward, who is one of the organisers. (Goodness knows how he finds the time, what with his full-time job in the NHS, being a councillor and writing his own blog).

There were some speeches but it hardly seemed the right occasion to deliver a Party Political Broadcast for the Conservatives - there were too many cuties to check out (who was that Italian who said he works with transgender people?). But sad-and-confused Cllr. Ron Aitken (the Conservative-turned-SNP-turned-Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Pro-Life-turned-Ulster Unionist-turned-Conservative-turned-Lib Dem member for Crouch End) had no such qualms and got up to make a ludicrous speech about just how really, really liberal and democratic the LibDems are. So far, so sad.

Hunter nearly fell off his bar stool when Aitken cited Mark Oaten, Simon Hughes and Charles Kennedy as prime examples of Liberal Democracy! (Was he shit-faced?) He had totally misjudged the mood of the audience - I wondered if this was going to turn into a Tony-Blair-meets-the-Women's-Institute-Moment.

But, as always with Cllr. Aitken, he moved on from the sad (if coherent) part of his speech to the confusing and bizarre. Hunter laughed his head off:

Saddo Aitken announced that he had placed a personal ad in the 'Personals' section of BOYZ magazine (think 'Sunday Sport' for tabbed-up queens) - 'Gay politician seeks gay policeman'.

We were wondering if our hero would walk off into the sunset with Brian Paddick and a large truncheon! But, no such luck: Aitken hinted that he received a reply from none other than Met chief Sir Ian Blair!!! Believe me, dear reader, it was not me who replied to that ad. But if I had seen it, I would have been tempted to do what someone else clearly did and send in a spoof reply - and Sir Ian Blair certainly makes a more plausible candidate than Sir John Stevens!

But sadly (and confusingly) Aitken seemed to have no awareness that he had been spoofed. He even (get this!) added that he hadn't responded because he didn't want his phone tapped. Oh dear! I think it's time Lynne Featherstone booked this one into The Priory (or St. Ann's if she wants to save money!).


Davd Allen said...

So you found time to 'work the room' AND listen to the speeches, Hunter? I always knew you could multi-task.
How nice of that Italian you met to let you use his picture above this post!

Newmania said...

(Goodness knows how he finds the time, what with his full-time job in the NHS, being a councillor and writing his own blog).

Ho ho Justin you have aquired my belief that anyone in the public sector doesnot work at all.I have often been proved right. otherwise this is a rather an excluding post for hetrosexuals and I do think you might have a little more sensitivity.

Isn`t this sort of enviroment about to become illegal ?It is a bit oppresive to be surrounded with sexual assumptions one does not share and you gays have along way to go in understanding our needs and fears

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

What needs and fears, Mr. N?

Let me make one thing clear: gay men and women do not want 'special' rights - we want EQUAL rights! Do you understand the diffence?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...
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Anonymous said...

JH at 12.54, how can you keep a 'straight face' when you say that?!

David Allen said...

Not sure that 'inclusiveness' is JH's strongest suit, N. Unless you mean: "Count me in to the next round"!
No, if lady-fondlers like you are seeking succour for your predilections, then best head off to Miss Smack's blog. She might chastise you first, tho.

Newmania said...

we want EQUAL rights! Do you understand the diffence?

Yikes! I was only joking in an elaborately self deprecating way Justin.Of course I haven`t got any needs and fears and it goes without saying that you must have equal rights.The idea of being an oppressed minority amused me .I don`t know what came over me.Arf arf

Alan's Blogs said...

Hi Justin,

Nice article and I so loved the picture of me from my holiday in Italy, well I'm sure it was me!!

Well, I can dream....