The Tartan Tories

Party political broadcast by the Scottish Conservatives. What do you think of it? Personally, I think it's quite amusing.

Polio stakes get higher

There's an alarming story in the March 10 edition of the New Scientist about violence and misinformation hampering efforts by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to eradicate polio in several Muslim counties, including Pakistan, Afghanistan and certain parts of majority Muslim communities in India.

Some Muslim clerics have denounced vaccinations as a pro-western plot to sterilise Muslims. The same rumours stopped vaccination in northern Nigeria in 2003, causing an international surge in polio cases.

In Pakistan, some clerics who command a loyal local following have even declared that preventing epidemics is contrary to Islamic law, and have described people infected with polio as "martyrs". In response, senior Muslims in Pakistan have issued pro-vaccination fatwa decrees. Some mothers are reportedly getting children secretly vaccinated for fear of local reprisals. Last month, Abdul Ghani Khan, a senior Pakistani doctor, was killed by a remote-controlled bomb shortly after urging villagers to vaccinate their children.

The WHO met recently and pledged to spend $575 million on top of the $5.5 billion already spent worldwide on eradicating polio.

This is the last chance to eradicate polio. There have been two previous deadlines to eradicate polio in 2000 and 2005 - sadly, both missed opportunities.

It is the duty of moderate Muslim politicians and clerics everywhere to debunk these myths. Those who actively denounce vaccinations should be charged with crimes against humanity.

The Hitch: a sad man, full of hate - a modern day Hitler

People who really know me will know that I detest the politically-correct brigade. I have always viewed them as smug po-faced socialists who understand just about everything (in their opinion), except humour. One should be able to laugh at one's self, poke fun at others and generally enjoy stories of a schadenfreude nature.

That said, humour is, according to my dictionary, about quality and the ability to make one laugh. On the other hand, behaving in a hateful fashion is defined as "1 characterized by malevolence or spite 2 eliciting feelings or reactions of hatred, detestation, or abhorrence". There's a clear difference, isn't there? Sadly, The Hitch lacks quality, compassion and the ability to make one smile. He’s a modern day Hitler – hating just about everyone and everything (at the moment, blacks, gays and squirrels seem to be top of his hate list).

The "Hitch" - who scandalously tried to impersonate the real Peter Hitchens, before the real Hitch cycled over to the wombat's residence to give him a piece of his mind - is a man full of hate. A sad, perhaps broken, man in need of psychiatric help.

Visiting his blog is akin to giving an alcoholic alcohol. Don't do it.

I'm a "Top local Tory" ...

... according to Haringey Dim Lebs.

Well, I take that as a compliment. There isn’t such a thing as a "top local Lib Dem", is there? That would be an oxymoron!

It's now the Brown Broadcasting Corporation

Michael Crick, an arch-Brownite and anti-Conservative scumbag, has just been appointed Political Editor of Newsnight. Crick is replacing the hapless Martha Kearney - who is moving to host BBC Radio 4’s The World at One.

Crick has climbed the greasy BBC pole (in the same way as Paxo) by being politically pro-Labour, anti-Conservative and acting like a bully.

I once met Crick at confence in a bar during the early hours of the morning. Needless to say, Hunter was on the prowl and as drunk as a skunk. He approached Crick in typically-Crick fashion, treating him as Jeffrey Archer. Crick was not amused.

Why should our taxes, in the form of the TV licence and government funding, be spent promoting left-wingers and their views?

And how long can it be before it is announced that the new Director General of the Beeb is one Alistair Campbell?

As Iain Dale would say, 'you couldn't make it up!'

Hunter couldn't agree more with Guido

From Guido Fawkes' excellent blog:

"Climate change denial is bonkers, the evidence shows that in recent history temperatures have risen, but the argument that carbon causes climate change seems to be based on suspect science. Nevertheless the Greens have chosen to blame carbon emissions for causing climate change because of their supernatural hatred of industrialisation, the automobile and urbanisation, derived partly from their misty-eyed romanticisation of peasant life. It suits their political objectives to blame carbon emissions for climate change.

With the collapse of socialism and communism as plausible belief systems many of the former adherents have shifted into the Green movement. Green issues like clean air, pure water and high quality food command wide support across the political spectrum and even amongst the unpoliticised. Anti-capitalist extremists have hijacked these populist issues and now control the Green movement's wider agenda - that is the claim made by Patrick Moore and he should know, he co-founded Greenpeace. He believes that "one of the most pernicious aspects of the modern environmental movement is the romanticisation of peasant life. And the idea that industrial societies are the destroyers of the world. The environmental movement has evolved into the strongest force there is for preventing development in the developing countries. I think it's legitimate for me to call them anti-human."

There is strong evidence that carbon levels lag the rise in temperature. Two-thirds of our planet is water covered, as temperatures rise the seas release more carbon dioxide. The amount released by that process dwarfs the amount released by humanity. Plato argued that in order to keep a stable social structure, societies need a Noble Lie. In Plato’s mind, the Noble Lie is a religious lie that’s fed to the masses to keep them under control and happy with their situation in life. It seems to Guido that the Green movement is propagating a Platonic-style Noble Lie - we are doomed unless we give up our cars and planes. In reality rising temperatures are far more likely to be a result of solar activity cycles."

Hunter endorses this view 100%!

What are we waiting for?

Zimbabwe has been in decline for 20 years. For at least the last 7 years it has been an outlaw state. (Hard to believe that it was in 2000, seven years ago, that we first saw the mass invasions of the white-owned farms, their confiscation without compensation, the murder and beatings of white farmers and their loyal black workers).

The response of the world's governments has been pathetic: puny sanctions, patchily-applied.

Nearly everyone can agree that sanctions do not work; they rarely punish the ruling elite but ordinary people. Iraq was one such example. Most Iraqis under Saddam Hussein had a far better quality of life than people living under Robert Mugabe in today's Zimbabwe. People are starving and dying. Opposition members are being tortured and murdered. Inflation is running at 4,000%.

Don't you just wish Blair would send in the SAS to assassinate the evil Mugabe?

Ideally by snatching him from his bed at night and hanging him from the roof of Government House to be found by passers-by in the morning. (No video-ed grandstanding allowed, cursing Blair and the other wicked colonialists). Or just drop a bomb or two on Government House, Harare, during the night and kill off his cronies, too.

It might just happen - Tony is looking for 'Legacy initiatives', and this one would be REALLY popular!

Global warming - leading scientists say it's being "overplayed"

More here

Zac set to be new MP for Richmond Park

The people of Richmond Park should be congratulated for picking Zac Goldsmith, the billionaire hunk and Editor of the Ecologist as their next MP. Zac was last night chosen, in an open primary, to stand for the Conservatives in this super-marginal constituency.

He will win hands down. No contest! He's cute (have I mentioned this already?), rich, local, green and intellectually smart. The Conservatives out-polled the Lib Dems across Richmond Park at the last local elections (May, 2006).

The seat is currently represented by the ghastly Susan Kramer. She makes me want to throw my TV out of the window when I see or hear her speak. She has that effect on people. Why can't the Lib Dems select 'wimmin' with ear-friendly voices? They all sound like female versions of Mickey Mouse!

I reckon he'll have a majority of around 5,000. But we can't be complacent. Needless to say, Hunter is happy to cross The River to lend Zac a hand...

Gone, but not forgotten

Dear little Emma seems to have thrown in the towel with blogging. Her last post was back in mid February. She made herself and her party look far more ridiculous than they actually are. Hunter challenged and ridiculed her and now she has sunk without trace. RIP, my little eco-munchkin.

Happy Birthday, David. Post a caption!

Today is David Allen's 42nd birthday. The picture of David was taken at the end of my 21st birthday party when I lived in Highgate. Now post a caption!

How Hunter could have 'turned'

Hunter spent last night in a Greek restaurant in Palmer's Green to support a local charity chosen by the Mayor of Enfield, Cllr. Tony Dey. The 'great and good' from across Enfield (plus one from Haringey) were out in force, including David Burrowes, the Southgate MP, and Nick De Bois, the next MP for Enfield North. Although, technically, it was non-partisan, it felt like a Conservative 'do' - 90% of people there were actually Conservative members. There were only two Labour councillors present and they looked a bit uncomfortable. We ate, drank (huge amounts), gambled, bitched and plotted but still managed to raise over £5,000 for Mayor Dey's charity.

One guest stood out. How can I put it? She could have 'turned' Hunter! God, was she cute; classy, friendly and sexy (she reminded me of my French teacher at school). She whispered in to my ear, whilst the jazz band was in full swing, what I thought was the "borough's top cock" - turns out that she said she’s the borough "top cop"! I can reveal that it was Chief Superintendent Sharon Rowe, Enfield's Borough Commander!

My thanks go to Cllr. Ertan Hurer, my host, for a really enjoyable evening.

Never mind the kids on scooters...

Following on from an interesting thread on Newmania's blog about those beyond a certain age, I thought I’d share with you one of my pet hates: the electronic buggy which, in most cases, is used by those with mobility problems.

Let me make one thing clear: they are a great way for the immobile to get around - it gives them back their independence and I’m sure many users regard them as a “God send”. But, more often than not, the users cannot properly 'drive' the bloody things!

There's one local woman who does about 25 miles per hour - on the pavements! Last week, in Sainsbury's, she sent an entire shelve of vegetables flying into the air. Several people were pelted by tomatoes (I know, technically, they are a fruit but they sit with the vegetables). I though Red Nose Day had come early for my fellow shoppers, but I didn't think joking about it would be appropriate. One poor old dear slipped on a tomato skin and badly damaged her hip.

Lessons and insurance should be made compulsory for the “Death Buggy”. Forget the kids on their diesel scooters, it's the old grannies that I actually fear.

Whose house is this?

It has:

_ 25,000 gallons of rainwater storage,
_ gray water collection from sinks and showers for irrigation,
_ Solar panels,
_ geothermal heating and cooling
_ is just 4,000-square-foot*
_ has 12 - 18 inch thick walls for extra insulation, made from....
_ ....waste/ offcuts of locally-quarried stone

Dave Cameron's? Al Gore's?


George W. Bush's family home in Crawford, Texas.

Compare this with the 20,000 square foot Gore palace in Tennessee!

Some people talk the talk, others walk the walk.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr Pack!

Thanks to Arthurian Legend, my source.

The Great Global Warming Swindle?

Like most urban liberals (with a small 'l'), I bought into the Green Agenda long ago. I freely admit, it's a trendy bandwagon which it is politically wise to jump on. Organic good, GM bad. Andrex bad, Sainsbury's recycled bog roll good. No questions asked until, that is, last night.

Channel Four presented an hour and a half documentary - The Great Global Warming Swindle. Eminent scientists from around the world explained how global warming (and cooling) have all been experienced before throughout the earth's history. They also explained how rises in CO2 FOLLOW rises in global temperatures, and don't precede or cause them. In fact, the Sun is responsible! Activity on the surface of the sun correlates extremely closely with global temperatures – and atmospheric CO2 levels do not. They didn't just point out the correlation, they explained the causal chain too (a bit complicated to go into here).

Admittedly, CO2 is a greenhouse gas - but its effects on global temperature are so marginal as not to matter. And even when you do consider CO2 levels, the amount that man produces is paltry compared with the CO2 which nature herself produces: the sea generates a huge amount; dying vegetation from leaf-fall contributes a lot more.

So, how did we all get sold a pup? There were a number of reasons:

1) Margaret Thatcher was worried about energy security: she didn't trust the Middle East not to turn off the oil taps at some point; and she didn't trust the NUM to keep digging sufficient coal out of the ground. Hence her love of nuclear power. And, apparently, when she first heard about this obscure, not very credible theory called 'anthropogenic’ global warming' she seized on it as an excuse to push nuclear power.

2) The old US-hating, anti-capitalist Left had seen their social and economic theories completely discredited in the former Soviet Union and eastern Europe,and were looking for a handy pretext to keep bashing their old enemy. The Founder of Greenpeace told us how the Far-Left has hijacked the organisation.

3) Huge numbers of academic and NGO careers have come to be built upon this spurious fad. The examples cited were too numerous too mention - including the disgraceful corruption of the scientific peer review process by the UN and others.

One scientist said that people who question global warming are viewed in the same light as Holocaust-deniers. Death threats are routinely made against these renegade scientists and their staff, who dare to challenge the Liberal/Left global warming orthodoxy.

Remember, the issue is not whether the earth is warming: it may well be. The point is that it is not caused by the CO2 emitted by human development - it is not caused by MAN! So there is no earthly reason to allow these New Age Luddites to lecture us about switching lightbulbs, driving smaller cars etc. We may need to build better flood defences, avoid building on flood plains - but it has nothing to do with CO2. It may be sensible to drive cars with smaller, more efficient engines, but do it to save money and to reduce our dependency on oil from an unstable part of the world - not because of CO2!

Once upon a time the Green Agenda was broad-based: it very sensibly opposed things like lead in petrol, dumping of dangerous waste, pollution of seas and rivers and so on. We now need people like David Cameron to help rescue the Green Agenda from the neo-Marxists who are using the 'Environment' to shut down capitalism and spread their evil ideology. And these people (often middle-class and white) want people to return to or stay in peasant environments. They do not want poor countries to develop. (Remember how in this country the Left always preferred their working class to be gritty and grim and hated it when they got all 'upwardly-mobile'? Now they have turned their attention to poor Africans. The result is to trap desperately needy people in a cycle of disease, famine and death by barring them from using their own natural resources - i.e. coal and oil.

These global warming fanatics are "anti-human", in the eyes of one of the contributors. One African doctor more or less told these eco-cretins where to shove their solar system. Good for him!

The programme certainly made me wake up, ask questions and study the scientific data available.

Hope you were tuned in, soi-disant eco-warrior Emma Jones!

Elections update

The results are almost in and they're not very encouraging. Conservatives scored just 3,457 votes across the Province (3,457 more than Labour!). Sinn Fein and the DUP were the main winners. Tony Blair's legacy in N.I. was to appease terrorists and hardliners, release murderers and thugs under Labour's "early releases" scheme, and shaft the moderates like David Trimble (UUP) and Mark Durkan (SDLP). He forced people into the hands of Adams and Paisley. To make real progress, the N.I. Conservative Party needs to be financially supported by their friends in England. Ulster residents need to be convinced that there is an alternative - a better one - to the old, stale and sectarian system which, sadly, is still operating today.

Vote early, vote often and vote Conservative!

If you reside on the 'mainland' you can be forgiven for not knowing that there are major elections tomorrow for Stormont, the Northern Ireland Assembly. We're hoping a couple of Conservatives will be elected to break the sectarian mould of Ulster politics. People in NI suffer, just as we do, from Labour's policies of tax, spend and waste, but they have nobody to stand up to Blair and Brown. The sole Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) member of Westminster, Lady Sylvia Hermon, votes with Labour in Parliament. Voting for the UUP will be a wasted vote. For all their rhetoric on being the "Party of the Union", Labour refuses to organise in NI and allow people to join them. Bloody disgraceful, if you ask me.

So, if you live in NI, seize this hisoric moment to normalise Ulster politics: vote Conservative tomorrow!

Me (right) with a local resident (centre) and Tom Mason (left)

Campaigning to save Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield. The hospital's closure will have dire consequences for people and healthcare in Haringey. 8PM update: Fellow blogger and Conservative, Cllr. Robert Rams, was on the demo and has written about it on his blog. Tom Mason (pitured) has more pictures on Flickr. Thanks, mate!!!

Can we win?

Michael Portillo has written an interesting article in today's Sunday Times. Portillo thinks Brown will be Prime Minster. This has led to a good debate on ConservativeHome.

Here are my thoughts: Cameron will not win a majority but he could be the Leader of the biggest party in the House. To win a majority of just two, we need to win 112 seats. I can see us gaining 60-90 seats, but not 112.

In many of the 112 seats our organisation has completely collapsed. To win seats, we need a good national swing, but hard work on the ground could notch up an even greater small swing in the seats that will make the difference between winning and losing overall. CCHQ should have trained and funded over a hundred new professionals in target seats - to build up organisations from scratch. This, sadly, has not been the case.

In the likelihood of a hung Parliament, the Liberal Democrats will prop up the Labour Party. They always do! The Lib Dems will lose many seats to the Conservatives, but will gain a couple from Labour. I doubt, though, whether they'll have more than 50 MPs because they will be severely squeezed by the two big parties.

Some Lib Dems will defect to the Conservatives, as they simply won't be able to stomach propping up a Labour government. I will not 'name names' but I have it on good authority that this will indeed happen.

Portillo thinks that the American economy will collapse and Britain's will follow suit. He could weel be right. But if Brown's in charge, he'll get the blame and the following election will see Cameron (for I hope it is he) win by a similar margin to Blair's 1997 victory. The Lib Dems would be wound up and cease to trade.

The good news is that we can expect a good night when polls close. We have consistently been on 40% in the polls - something which has not happened since 1992 -but we simply won't win 112 seats. We will easily out-poll Labour in England and do well in Wales too. Scotland should be written-off (little wonder that Labour is now the "Party of the Union"). And a Conservative win in North Down, Northern Ireland, isn't as silly as it sounds.

Michael argues that we do not have 'big guns' to surround David Cameron as Labour did in 1992. I say it doesn't matter. British general elections are becoming more and more Presidential, thanks, in part, to Blair's three terms in Office and the technological age we're all living in.

Councillor implies Sir Ian Blair wanted to date him!

Haringey, like many other London boroughs, has been celebrating LGBT history month - and Hunter spent yesterday evening at its '07 closing party. Now, I know that LGBT sounds like a nasty new hospital-acquired infection, and I detest all these PC acronyms, but it was an enjoyable and interesting event. I was invited along by Cllr. Alan Dobbie, the hard-working Labour councillor for Noel Park ward, who is one of the organisers. (Goodness knows how he finds the time, what with his full-time job in the NHS, being a councillor and writing his own blog).

There were some speeches but it hardly seemed the right occasion to deliver a Party Political Broadcast for the Conservatives - there were too many cuties to check out (who was that Italian who said he works with transgender people?). But sad-and-confused Cllr. Ron Aitken (the Conservative-turned-SNP-turned-Conservative-turned-Independent-turned-Pro-Life-turned-Ulster Unionist-turned-Conservative-turned-Lib Dem member for Crouch End) had no such qualms and got up to make a ludicrous speech about just how really, really liberal and democratic the LibDems are. So far, so sad.

Hunter nearly fell off his bar stool when Aitken cited Mark Oaten, Simon Hughes and Charles Kennedy as prime examples of Liberal Democracy! (Was he shit-faced?) He had totally misjudged the mood of the audience - I wondered if this was going to turn into a Tony-Blair-meets-the-Women's-Institute-Moment.

But, as always with Cllr. Aitken, he moved on from the sad (if coherent) part of his speech to the confusing and bizarre. Hunter laughed his head off:

Saddo Aitken announced that he had placed a personal ad in the 'Personals' section of BOYZ magazine (think 'Sunday Sport' for tabbed-up queens) - 'Gay politician seeks gay policeman'.

We were wondering if our hero would walk off into the sunset with Brian Paddick and a large truncheon! But, no such luck: Aitken hinted that he received a reply from none other than Met chief Sir Ian Blair!!! Believe me, dear reader, it was not me who replied to that ad. But if I had seen it, I would have been tempted to do what someone else clearly did and send in a spoof reply - and Sir Ian Blair certainly makes a more plausible candidate than Sir John Stevens!

But sadly (and confusingly) Aitken seemed to have no awareness that he had been spoofed. He even (get this!) added that he hadn't responded because he didn't want his phone tapped. Oh dear! I think it's time Lynne Featherstone booked this one into The Priory (or St. Ann's if she wants to save money!).

Disabled candidate rejected from actively standing (excuse the pun!)

I've always thought most UKIPPERs were nasty authoritarian xenophobes, but they have sunk to a new depth this week. Lib Dem Voice is reporting how they have told a disabled candidate that he cannot actively stand for election because "he can't deliver leaflets". He is, though, being allowed to stand as a 'paper' candidate. I think I've got more chance of winning the lottery every week for the next year (even though I don't participate) than this story appearing on UKIPHome...