St. Ann's Church

Yesterday I was walking along St. Ann's Road, Tottenham, and I noticed that St. Ann's Church was opened for people to view the building, pray or simply have coffee. I knew that I was baptised there when I was six months old but I didn't know when and by whom. I popped in to be welcomed by a lovely woman, Mrs Goodhew, whose husband is the honorary curate. They both arrived in Tottenham about two years ago - to retire from Hants (strange but true).

It turns out that I was baptised there by the Rev. R.C. Fields, presumably dead now, who retired in 1982. This took place on the 19th July 1981. All such information is recorded in a special book - one they are still using today.

I assume that the church was once fairly 'high' - not any more. Giant TV screens have replaced hymn books and the traditional church organ has made way for drums and tambourines. Still, they seem lovely people - really warm. I may even attend a Sunday service for a chorus of Shine Jesus Shine!


David Allen said...

I used to live afew doors away form St Ann's _ it is a magnificent church*. I see that the old convent over the road has now been converted into a mosque!
Tottenham's finest church however is All Hallows _ an amazing medieval survival at Bruce Castle set adjacent to the old green and which still has a stunning Queen Anne rectory too.

Ellee said...

Don't forget to take Newmania with you!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

That's a good idea. Then off to the pub!

David Allen said...

Stick to the communion wine, Justin!