A not very Respectable silence

Excuse this, my very last post (I promise!) on the subject of gay adoption and the Catholic Church. We've all noticed how every other party seems to be tieing itself up in knots about this - but, what did Respect think? I haven't heard a word from them. When I visited their website, not only could I not find any mention of their position on gay adoption but no mention of EQUALITY at all!

Why? Because Respect is led by a devout Catholic (Galloway), Islamo-facists and a few white middle-class women suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (think Yvonne Ridley).

Long gone are the days when you could rely on the 'progressive left' to defend gays, Jews and women. And If you don't believe me you can read Nick Cohen's excellent new book, What's Left.


David Allen said...

Yes _ Nick Cohen has had a real damascene conversion since the Iraq War _ better late than never! (I almost forgive him for monstering me in his Observer column when he was a nasty, unreconstructed Trot (1996).)
Someone in the beeb should have the guts to take this issue up with Galloway/ Respect, but I don't suppose they will.

Ellee said...

Actually, I never gave a second thought to Respect on this, perhaps you could ask them by posting a comment on their site.

Norfolk Blogger said...

If the BBC give Respect coverage, they get criticised for giving too much coverage to a minor patty, if they don't, they get accused of poor journalism.

I agree Justin, with what you say, and just like Ellee, I had not even considered it.