East Barnet by-election

I was seiously delayed for campaigning in today's Barnet by-election - I had promised the Team that I would be at Cockfosters tube station at 1pm, but didn't actually get there until 6pm as somebody had broken into our car. Most of the afternoon was spent trying to get in touch with the police!

The popular Conservative councillor, Cllr. Olwen Evans, died after a long battle with cancer. She had represented the area since 1968 and will, they tell me, be a very hard act to follow.

I spent four hours out with Theresa Villiers, the local MP and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. I've known Theresa for ages and it was nice to catch up with her and hear the latest news and views from Westminster.

I was freezing cold and my feet were soaking wet. I even fell over in a voter's garden. The voter told me he wasn't going to vote but as I called on him, armed with "Good Evening" leaflets and fell in his garden, he was going to vote after all. I also convinced three people to let us take them to the polls.

Finished around 9:30 and was taken back to the station, along with a chap called Barry who works for the Conservatives at London Councils (formerly the Association of London Government).

Everyone seemed to be confident of a Conservative win but we won't know until tomorrow morning as the Count was postponed due to this horrible weather. Goodness knows what will happen if the weather does not improved - we could be waiting for weeks!

Fellow Haringey blogger Cllr. Matt Davies, a Lib Dem, was delivering his "Good Morning" leaflets at 5am (click on link to see pics). I, on the other hand, was curled up in my bed, like a cat, fast asleep.

Anyway, my fingers are crossed for Mrs. Tambourides, our candidate. She will be a strong voice for East Barnet and I wish her the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the car.

Funny that you blogged about being East Barnet too, was chatting with colleagues this morning about whether other parties travel to help.

Labour in Haringey won't even travel outside their wards to help, let alone another borough.

Any insider info as to how the morning's count will go? It should be a fairly safe Tory ward normally shouldn't it - I reckon we'll do considerably better than last time in the ward at least tho - which will make the snowy morning worth it.

Have to say, the Labour leaflets I saw in East Barnet were excellent - pretty much rip-offs of Focus leaflets, really well done. Maybe that'll have helped their vote hold up, we'll see.

Something I saw on a Tory leaflet which amused me, the Tory candidate (perhaps councillor by time you read this) said she'd taken the "very unusual" step of *faxing* Ken Livingstone over an issue.

But just think what she could do with a phonecall or meeting! ;-)

Matt (can't seem to log in properly to Blogger at the moment)

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Thanks, Matt.

East Barnet was Labour from 1994-98 and a split ward until 2002. Not what I'd call safe. Barnet Conservatives are very well off and they have lots of activists, so this would have helped us in East Barnet. Very few people from outside the borough helped - you Lib Dems are far more dedicated and disciplined than us Conservatives. As well as myself, four other Haringey Tories went over to help out. You're right about Labour but what about the Greens?

Anonymous said...

Lord Ken of the Glass Blamange does not ususally answer calls... Faxing his office is the best way of getting his attention.

Do we know the Barnet result yet?

David Allen said...

J, thanks for flying the Haringey Mutual Aid Flag in East Barnet! Youmust have been frozen. Good result, too.