East Barnet by-election - result

The result:

Conservatives - 1666
Labour - 1025
Lib Dems -552
Green - 147

Congratulations to Mrs. Tambourides on an excellent result. Commiserations to the Labour and Green candidates. Notice I have left out the Fib Dem? Why? Because their campaign was entirely negative, carried lies and personal attacks. Their candidate, Sean Hooker, lost his Mill Hill seat to us in May of last year and then issued a "Focus" to residents saying that he would "never quit" the area, so it was a surprise to see him stand in East Barnet. He is a career politician - a complete opportunist who will say different things to different people. Cllr. Robert Rams, an East Barnet councillor, pays a very moving tribute to former Cllr. Olwen - who sadly passed a way (see post below).

Yes, it was a two-horse race after all - between Blair's Labour Party and hard-working East Barnet Conservatives. The Lib Dems were totally humiliated. Matt, mate, you should have stayed in bed!


Gavin F said...

A great result!

But do we ever expect anything less from the Lib Dems? They wouldn't recognise an honest campaign if it bit their beak off!

Robert Rams said...

Many thanks for all your help yesterday .. in the snow!


Croydonian said...

But everybody knows that LD's are such 'nice' people and campaign in a way that brings honour to the political process.

My father, God rest his soul, found it near impossible to utter the word 'Liberal' without prefacing it with 'bloody', and while not given to strong language did spend 20 or so years as a councillor.

Matt said...

Thanks for the result update.

I don't know if you've ever met him, but you are totally wrong about Sean. He is a very good bloke - and I don't think I've heard him described as a "career politician" before! The Mill Hill result was a bit of a freaky one - but as for never quitting the area, I am fairly sure that Sean hasn't moved anywhere since May and he has, as promised continued to be involved in campaigning for Barnet residents.

The result isn't as good as I'd personally hoped for, but we did increase our share of the vote at least.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

What about the time he stood in Enfield-Haringey????

David Allen said...

Play nicely now!

Ellee said...

Well done, fantastic news, I do love her name. You must get her blogging.

The Lib Dems are going to be our main rivals in York Outer and have no issues to campaign on.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

The thing to do, Ellee, is to play them at their own games. Try, though, to keep thing clean!

Robert Rams said...

I think your comments, as well as mine, have hit a nerve!


Barnet resident said...

"Try, though, to keep thing clean!"

Not advice your Tory colleagues in Barnet followed, given the local paper attacked the Conservative campaign in this by-election for being dishonest and misleading. I guess all your complaints about other party's campaigns are an attempt to hide the fact that the local paper caught out the Tories and their deceitful leaflets?

Thanetonian said...

Oh well we all know the dim libs clean tactics, homophobic when it suits, reacist when it suits, hypocritical always.

And we also all know the allegience of the local rags. Part of Trinity Mirror nest pas?

David Allen said...

thanetonian _ Quite! We all know that the FibDums are now the 'house' political party of the journalistic classes (following their adolescent disillusionment with New Labour _ what did the naive little hacks expect?!). I have never seen a local paper challenge the soi-disant "wicked and shameless" FibDums, they always actively collude in the conceit that these are 'shiny, happy people above all of the nastiness of the wicked Tories and corrupt New Labour. Well, any local political activist from either of the main parties knows that they are not! And we are determined to get the message out there over the heads of biased print journalists. Hurrah for User Generated Content! And Hurrah for Google which enables ordinary punters to find it!

Anonymous said...

Barnet Resident, if you want to see how the whiter than white Lib Dems tried to con the electors of East Barnet at the end of the campaign see


who exposes them for what they are.

Perhaps you will see how deceitful the Whiter than White party can be.

As for freak result in Mill Hill, perhaps they worked out that they needed someone local and not someone who lived 6 miles away.

OK, the Lib Dem candidate increased his share of the poll. I seem to have read somewhere, that there are no prizes for coming second and even less for coming third.

Finally, according to the ALDC site, the Conservatives also increased their vote by 4.2%.

What the Lib Dems cannot accept is that until the By-election, they completely ignored East Barnet - but then, so almost did the voters of East Barnet ignore the Lib Dems.