Selection in schools - bring it back!

More than three-quarters of people believe bright children would do better if taught separately, a poll suggests. More than 1,000 people were surveyed for a report by the Centre for Policy Studies.

It found almost as many (73%) thought streaming or a selective system would also help academically weaker children. The report's author, Lord Blackwell, says all children, particularly the poor, would benefit from selection - a theory rejected by the government.

What we have now, especially in Haringey, is selection by postcode. Bright Tottenham children are condemned to failing local comprehensives, whilst kids in the West of the borough have sanctimonious, hypocritical middle-class Guardian-reading parents who are willing to pay hundreds of thousands over the odds for properties in tree-lined streets and pay for out-of-school tuition.

"Grammar schools used to provide a route out for them (bright children in low-income families). Now it is selection by postcode, rather than selection by ability", says Lord Blackwell. Too bloody right!

In his report, he proposes:

To allow streaming in all state schools To enable state schools to opt to be fully selective

To allow parents to decide whether or not to apply to a selective school

To offer free transport to selective schools to serve poorer children

To provide information on selective schools to all parents of primary school children

To transform all state schools into independent foundation schools to encourage competition

Parents want selection and streaming, children need it - let's hope this report turns into a flagship Conservative policy at the next General election. Three cheers for Lord Blackwell !!!

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newmania said...

oohoo Justin you old dog , crickey and crumbs.Staking your claim for rightists credentials by thumping your pennant in the very spot Tony Blair has obviosuly coveted for ages . It still leaves plenty of clear blue water between us.

Does anyone disagree outside the lobotomised left ? Good stuff though my loins throb with excitement at the rise of the harringay right

Torchlight parade anyone ? Brass band music ?

Seriously the problem with the C`mar oon faction has always been that they hate the aspirant poor. This would be a good start and whn Broon makes his bid for the centre there will need to be much more