Rescue a pet in 2007 - don't buy one

People have been abandoning many animals - ranging from hamsters to puppies - now that Christmas is over. Despite warnings from all the leading animal charities in the lead up to Christmas, pets are still given out as presents. Sadly, they are often thrown out with the tree and Turkey carcass. This makes me sad. So if you're planning to become a pet-owner in 2007, please consider rescuing your pet(s). My Guinea pig, Pippet came from Bobtails - a rabbit and guinea pig rescue centre in Surrey. The other two, George and Zippy, came from a punter at the Conservative Club in Bruce Grove, as she had grown tired of them. Feel free to email me if you would like details of local rescue centres.

By the way, if you're a Conservative and care about animal welfare, have you ever considered joining the Conservative Animal Welfare Group (CAWG) ?

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Serf said...

My Labrador was acquired from someone who could no longer look after it.

I am a complete softy over animals and agree with you completely on this issue.