The real heroes

Just returned home after delivering leaflets in one of our target wards in Tottenham. The residents I spoke to kept asking me "when is the next election?". To their amazement, I explain that we work all year-round, not just at election times and that, barring a General Election, the next elections will be in 2008.

I delivered to a few lovely roads with period housing but also did a council estate. Most of the houses were in a terrible state with paint peeling off the doors and windows, rubbish in the gardens and ancient cars being used for spare parts in the drives. The blocks of flats were worse - broken entry phones, rubbish everywhere (pizza leaflets, used condoms etc) and dark hallways and stairs (a result of lightbulbs not being replaced by the Council). Even the sheltered housing block displayed a poster asking visitors (and residents?) to urinate in the toilet on the first floor, not on the stairs. The local Labour councillors seem oblivious to all these problems! How can they sleep at night, let alone vote to give themselves a massive pay rise as they did at last month’s full council meeting?

In the middle of this particular estate stood two immaculate houses; the gates were nicely painted, the lawns were freshly cut, the winter pansies were out in bloom, stylish double-glazing had been added to the houses and freshly-cut flowers sat in the windows. The dogs probably had coats from Harrods! Despite living under Haringey Council, having invisible councillors, having anti-social neighbours and living on a fairly grim estate, the owners of these two houses seem to just get on with life as best they can. It can’t be easy. Such people are the real heroes in Britain - struggling against all the odds with little or no help from the State. It is they who deserve OBEs and MBEs - not multi-millionaire pop stars living in tax exiles.

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newmania said...

I must say Justin I very much wish we had someone with your drive and brains over here. I kniow excatly whart you mean