New Labour, new hypocrisy

Labour politicians have a history in saying one thing in public and doing the exact opposite in private. When I first became interested in local politics back in the early nineties, it was revealed that Lucy Craig, a left-wing Labour councillor responsible for Haringey schools, had shunned the local schools, for which she was responsible, and sent her own daughter to a fee-paying school.

Harriet Harman and the Dear Leader himself, TB, opted for selective schools in Conservative boroughs rather than subjecting their children to a dire education in the rotten Labour boroughs of Southwark and Islington respectively.

Today's newspapers detail how former Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, has withdrawn her son from a state school and placed him in a private school because the state couldn't provide for his unspecified 'special needs'. What ARE those special needs, I wonder? Having an anxious middle class mother who doesn't want her boy to mix with those rough kids from the council estates?

Interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme this morning, Barry Sheerman, the Chairman of the Education Select Committee, refused to comment on Kelly case citing it as a "personal matter". A professor in Special Needs talked about Labour extra investment in education and Alan Johnson, the current Education Secretary, also refused to answer questions. Would the Editor of the programme kindly tell us what was the point of that slot?

Do I think Kelly is a hypocrite? Yes, I do. Why? Because Labour politicians - both Old and New - oppose choice in education and expect ordinary children to attend failing local comprehensives and be grateful for it. They, on the other hand, are happy to send their children to academically selective, faith, foundation and fee-paying schools. It's one rule for them, and another rule for us.


Mash said...

The Labour talk rubbish hahahhaha..... However, it appears there is a rift within your own party, specifically regarding "hugging a hoodie". Do your members' favour the hugging of hoodies. I love saying it "hug a hoodie". Mr David Cameron is a good fella and someone attempt to use the centre stage to become Prime Minister- good on him! I wish him luck.

David Allen said...

But hugging isn't INSTEAD of a proper punishment....
For instance, Saddam should have been HUGGED not heckled on the gallows _ before being hanged, of course!

Mash said...

hahahah Hug Saddam and then send him to the gallows!

However, I certainly do not subscribe to the Conservative stance. We ought to be hard on crime and ensure citizens feel safe in their own homes, communities and wider society. Furthermore, if we are "hugging the hoodies" that cause such miseries to our communities, we are telling tell that it is "ok" to commit crime and we will then hug you for it. hahahah

I certainly do not think David Cameron would subscribe to such a position if he did not live in that expensive rich home...... with his non-humble beginning from Eton to Oxford to Parliament..... Only if all citizens had the opportunity to do the same.

newmania said...

Great stuff Justin this is turning out to be a fab blog...come and help us !!!