Lynne Featherstone to be investigated by Revenue and Customs?

MPs are to face an investigation by Revenue and Customs for allegedly breaking the minimum wage laws by hiring young people as unpaid interns to work in the offices in parliament and their constituencies, according to a report in today's Guardian.

Since being elected to Parliament, the millionairess Member for Hornsey and Wood Green, Lynne Featherstone, has frequently used this site to hire interns to make her tea, open her letters and to fold her Focuses.

The inquiry follows complaints from interns that they may be being exploited and advertisements from MPs of all parties, including some asking interns to do the work of staff on leave or specifying hours of work.

Why should interns be expected to work 9-5 and be paid nothing? It's a practice that should end. MPs like Lynne should know better.

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Mash said...

Exploitative? you must be joking hahahahha.

Lynne is not exploitative and i'm asserting that as her constituent. Your reflections are truly naive and dangerous, particularly when people offer to support and volunteer their time and effort in engaging people in the political process.

The volunteers, speaking from experience, within Haringey Lib Dems are involved in every aspect of local political life, and encourages members to get involved in numerous activities during the year. I am not an apologist for Lynne, but she did more than Barbara Roche did...... she did not care about many of her constituents. Volunteers are asked to volunteer around their own availability. I am talking again from experience.

I plan to template a letter to Custom and Excise explaining my experiences and support for Lynne's commitment to her constituents and her community. She is the first person who has committed herself to her community, you only need to look at what George Galloway is doing for his constituents, oh yeah, he loves going onto Big Brother hahahhaha