Local Conservative websites

Having nursed a bad chest infection at home, I had plenty of time to view local Conservative websites. To my astonishment, so many are out-of-date or simply do not exist. Take, for example, Wandsworth Conservatives - the borough that takes in the marginal constituencies of Battersea, Putney and Tooting. A number of sites have not been up-dated since the 2005 General election. And nearly all of them still display the old Torch logo! Every Conservative Association in the UK should have an up-todate website - they're not that difficult or expensive to set up and they're the most effective way to communicate with the public, gain new members and win elections.

Apart from my own Tottenham website (which I look after) my favourite site has to be Islington Conservatives - as it's easy to read, stylish and always up-to-date. Congratulations, Islington Conservatives!

What’s your favourite Association website(s)? And why?


Nick King said...

Of course it has to be www.bournemoutheastconservatives.com - we are up to date logo wise, if not completely there photo-wise. Some people look a lot fatter than they should!

An honourable mention should go to Mid Dorset & North Poole, but as it's all about me, me, me that would be churlish.

Wouldn't it?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Yes, it;s a good site. Isn't Tobias dishy? LOL.

David Allen said...

My vote goes to Swindon Conservatives _ state of the art, branding-wise _ and their current lead story (4 Labour defections) warms the cockles too!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Tthe Swindon sites look a mess - too much on them. Sorry, David.

Duncan Webster said...

Justin, thanks for the compliments about Islington Conservatives. I have to say I am quite bad as I normally only benchmark ours against the neighbouring associations websites, so I hadnt previously seen Swindon or Mid Dorset!