Lib Dem hypocrisy and opportunism in N4

"It's so sad that Stroud Green Road is so bare this Christmas whilst other high streets look so festive. Shoppers and residents deserve a bit of Christmas sparkle," cries Cllr. Laura Edge, the area's Lib Dem representative on Haringey Council, in a recent press release.

Perhaps somebody should tell Cllr. Edge that half of Stroud Green Road lies within the Lib Dem-run borough of ISLINGTON.

Lambasting Labour-Haringey on this issue and conveniently forgetting Lib Dem-Islington's shared responsibility smacks of the usual hypocrisy and opportunism we have come to expect from the Lib Dems.

Sadly, the reason that Stroud Green has missed out is probably precisely because it does straddle the border of two boroughs: neither can be bothered spending money on a visual amenity in a peripheral area where at least half of those who benefit from it will not be voters in THEIR borough……

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newmania said...

Quite right we are the fogotten people