The 'Kebab Boys'

My spy at the local Tottenham job centre tells me that there is a record number of 'job-seeking' claimants, mainly of Kurdish and Turkish origins, who actually "help Out", sorry work, in the family-owned kebab and burger shops but claim that they don't get paid. Well, if you believe that then the Pope's a Hindu!

The "Kebab Boys", as they are known, often work more than 16 hours (the maximum number of hours a job-seeker can work before signing off). So who's telling the truth? If they are actually being paid (as I suspect), then they should be done for benefit fraud. If they are telling the truth (which I doubt), then their employers, often family relatives, should be charged with breaching labour laws (not paying the minimum wage etc) - just like some MPs!

Talking of kebabs, some shops are now open twenty-four hours a day. Imagine having a donner for breakfast? I think I’ll stick with freshly brewed coffee and a piece of toast. Kebabs can be delicious – normally at three in the morning after 10 pints of beer!


Serf said...


One needs to sample the delights of Doner in Turkey, to truly appreciate them.

Anonymous said...

What does Istanbultory say?

Ellee said...

Serf is right, but then the same could be said about eating Indian or Italian food.

At least they can't beat our fish and chips.

Croydonian said...

A proper pit barbecue kebab is a fine thing, but I'll happily forego the rotating stack of brown goo you get in the average takeaway. For a truly alienating experience, try going into a kebab-ery at 11.30PM stone cold sober.

Fahrenheit said...

Despicable! Skewer and chargrill the lot of them!

Fahrenheit said...


This reminds me of an old colleague who ran a Jobcentre.

Taking his staff out for lunch one day (at the restaurant right next door) they found themselves being waited on by one of their regular 'clients', straight from signing on that morning.

"how lucky you are to find a job so quickly" they said. "and I take it you'll be signing off again this afternoon?"


Mash said...

The Turkish and Kurdish community, it is fair to say, make a major contribution to British economy. Let us not forget, many migrants are willing to do jobs that indigeneous British folks refuse to do. We talk about border control, well why our the people in this country not committed to doing jobs and leaving it to people to come from outside? We would not have the problem, if our own people used their brain!

As Tony Blair passionately argued,
"I never want this to be an issue that divides our country that sets communities against each other. We are a tolerant, decent nation. That tolerance should not be abused. But neither should it be turned on its head. It is the duty of government to deal with the issues of both asylum and immigration. But they should not be exploited by a politics that in desperation seeks refuge in them."