Elections in Scotland

I've been asked to give my views on the forthcoming elections in Scotland. I am not going to make it a habit to comment on issues north of the border, but will adhere, on this occasion, to the request.

Scotland's council elections will be carried out under Proportional Representation (PR), so Labour will take a battering. Perversely, Conservatives will lose councillors in the Parliamentary seats that we held until 1997. But this will be offset by gains in majority opposition seats. The same will apply to the Lib Dems and Nats. Under such arrangements, I would not be at all surprised to see Labour lose control of Glasgow City Council...

As for the Scottish Parliament, I would expect Labour to continue to be the biggest party (just). The SNP will do well - hopefully at the Liberal's expense for jumping into bed with the Scottish Labour Party. The Conservatives will more or less stay with the same number of MSPs - 18. And the far-left will splinter with the arrival of yet another Socialist Party (Scottish Solidarity, led by Tommy Sheridan). The Greens may have 'peaked' at the last election but it's possible they may get another List Member. There might even be a few Independents elected on local hospital and toll campaigns.

My view is that the Conservative Party in Scotland should be 100% independent from Westminster and should champion Independence. This would help revive the Scottish Conservatives and forever deprive Labour of a majority in England, so it’s win-win for us. Matthew Parris wrote this excellent article arguing for the same case:


I will have a better feel for what's going on 'on the ground' when I and several others descend into Scotland in April to campaign in Kilmarnock and Loudoun for the Conservatives' Dr. Janette McAlpine (http://www.janettemcalpine.org.uk/)

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