Will BA now fly towards bankruptcy, thanks to Emma?

Dear little Emma is feeling ever so pleased with herself. Her motion to ban Haringey employees from travelling by air was passed at Full Council and the Labour Group's spin doctor has just issued this press release. Just how many Haringey employees travel to meetings by air? Well, that's a good question! According to the journalist who rang me this afternoon, Haringey's press department couldn't answer the question. Nor do they intend to - saying that it would be too costly and time-consuming to find out.

The journalist wanted to know my thoughts on the matter. I said that it was gesture politics of the worst kind. Labour-run Haringey has a long history playing gesture politics - normally to satisfy those on the hard and politically-correct Left. No doubt Nelson Mandela was released from prison as a direct result of Haringey having passed a motion calling on the South African government to do so. Who actually gives a toss about what smug little Haringey councillors think?


Watcher said...

What about Cllr Fiyaz Mughal. The email writer

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

What about him? He spent all of his time on his Blueberry - planning his next attack on Cllr. Suz?

Gavin F said...

I believe that Haringey (like most London Boroughs) is a member of the London European Partnership for Transport, seeking funding from Europe and promoting good practice in public transport delivery.

Presumably if a relevant conference were taking place in, say, one of the Greek Islands, any officer attending would have to go by train and boat? How much extra time would this waste and at what cost to the Haringey council tax payer?

Gavin F.

newmania said...

Yes it has shades of Ealing comedy. I like it when councils talk about geo-political questions. It brings out absurd presumption that a connosieur can truly relish